Fish & Shout
A fresh and lively text-only campaign, with facts, sarcasm and humor.


April4: some updates on the campaign name (but not really important)
and some explanations on the flickr account + some tests with french lines.
with french testings, i realize the blue action zone ("act now") must allow more writing possibilities, unless they comply with some call for action.
more flexible for various languages.


1. If the WWF launched a public contest here for a sensibilisation campaign, we can guess it was because they felt, in some way, that their traditional lobbying skills went somewhat ineffective or at least would gain to be freshened up by an unorthodox lobby language. By so, the WWF is ready to support an off-beat campaign, maybe unusual compared to their previous ones.

2. In politics, comes a time when diplomacy is no longer needed; it comes a time when the fist of injustice, stupidity, corruption, and shyness must be physically stopped (yihaaa!). This campaign aims to be the last pacific effort, before real action, by a funny but firm warning.

the campaign

the tone in writing
Our campaign involves strong captioning in a loud and humorous way (if possible). Initiated as a series of classic poster design or press frontpage, big titles styled, the campaign will hail, question, show by the proof or the absurd all the emergency to act in a responsible way toward the fish-industry to preserve the fish resources. Based on serious facts, local or global sayings, pop culture quotes, the lines will adopt various tones, from the most serious to the lightest, via some close-to-the-edge ones and will seek for the ultimate answer from the parliament : a set of strict laws on over-fishing. Imagine this as pointing a big and bright pink light onto Brussels., "no escape, dudes, gotta vote now in the right way, we're all watching you."

So, the campaign primarily targets political leaders, industries lobbyist and euro-MPs. But by its radical and funny tones, the campaign excepts as well to reach its relay targets, citizens and consumers.

Being mainly text-based, it will require big copywriting talents, whether professional or amateur. All types of humor can be explored, from various cultures, giving the campaign the power to be adopted by various countries in Europe. Note that the slogans will not only be humorous but wish to give the public information elements, instructions and arguments.

Our objective is not to move feelings, nor to shock, but to shake. Firmly. With a smile.

art direction
A fish is far less sexy and "petable" than a big wild cat. As the campaign undertakes an emergency response, let's not waste time on designing the "perfect visual that will satisfy everyone", but let's focus on the proven and flexible type solution only.

We will then adopt a minimal but legible styling: white background, one type, condensed, capitalized, and a reduced set of colors.

The message will follow a simple structure: general caption expressing the field of the main clame or any fundamental fact (pinkish-orange, actually "salmon" haha), main slogan (black, highest contrast), and a permanent bottom line calling for action (blue, the sea). Campaign's name, logo, weblinks, practical information at the bottom. The design will be sometimes adapted to allow some text variations (i.e, play on words) or to be applied on specific medias (stickers, flags, etc)
To guaranty the consistency of the art direction, and with a big local participation in mind, graphic kits shall be developed (web-based).


light : poster design, postcards
medium : urban advertisement boards, subway, bus stops, etc
heavy : tv, short films (theorical)

light : Facebook, blog, twitter
medium : a website giving the opportunity to everyone to design its own poster (functions: poster design with campaign's type and colors, pdf export, direct printing), plus a blog were people could submit their poster for being publicly displayed, after moderation or selection, and re-used later by the community in local live actions. This website is almost mandatory in the electronic tools array.
heavy : the same website with integrated selection functions, public and jury vote, stats, twitter connected, etc.

live action
light : postcard in public spaces, tracts in the streets, and any other classic action
medium : scheduled live action targeted to specific MPs and local politics, with frank and continuous thumping on the overfishing issue.
heavy : semestrial or annual gatherings in Brussels, with maybe stand up comedians participation.