Overfishing Results
worst possible result of overfishing is extinction.



                  Extinct is a powerful and attractive word.  When a person reads it he/she gets anxious about what was it? how does it look like? etc 
More over i have used "X" from extinct as dead fish  dropping down into the other fishes (word cloud made from names of extinct fishes) showing improvement in the list of extinct fishes. This is what we don't want so Stop Overfishing.

Problem and Solution

P-        Upper part of my design is Blue (ocean) Extinct is written on it and also that dead fish is dropping down in the cloud of extinct fishes. Every single Dead fish is a step forward to the extinction of that specie.  

S-        Bottom part of the design is green (growth)and Stop Overfishing is written on it as a solution of the problem. 

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