Sustainable Fisheries Project


My first idea is to use a  a popular Chinese aphorism, and with it, I propose to reduce the quantity of product daily fishable; the imposition of authorized limits guarantees a fairer market with balance between demand and supply, and a bes quality of the product offered to the consumer.
My second idea is to use the expression "Hit rock bottom" alluding to the sea depths destroyed by a few fishing forms! An example of fishing destroys the depths is the trawling.
My third idea for the campaign is to invite  people to consume less common species of fish, not at risk of extinction. My third idea involves people actively.
My campaign is based on three ideas: they identify three possible objectives to pursue, for favoring the project of a sustainable fishing.
You can use these slogans for a campaign in newspapers, billboards and TV commercials. You can organize a day of sustainable fisheries You can organize a day of sustainable fishing and collecting signatures for sensitize governments awareness of the formulation of more specific laws and harsher punishments. You can distribute brochures explaining fish species higher and lower risk of extinction. You can organize musical events and exhibit art installations like that suggested by PetroFer.
My project ends here!