Auch Fische können untergehen.
We start different ambient actions that approach the topic from the perspective of the throwaway society.


The industry gets a lot of fish which can't be consumed or processed: these tons of fish return as a waste - often to the sea snd along with other
remnants of the consumer society. We show this problem by confronting consumers in everyday life in a surprising way with the subject.

We use various waste containers, from the small bucket on the corner and a  container to a garbage truck. Depending on the budget, there are several ways to make these items to a medium: either they are covered with a print  or they are built to a transparent platform.

The idea: We show an underwater world, through which the garbage "inside" is visible. This follows the headline "Actually, fish should swim in the sea. And not your waste." A QR code outside leads to a micro site of the project on which you can get more information about overfishing and pollution of the seas. The claim of the whole: Even fish can be lost.