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It�s time to stop overfishing.


People are increasingly trying to satisfy their food needs without know of the damage they create. So I thought of a campaign that has a direct impact on everyone.


The posters above, will be posted in the cities to sensitize people. Also in aquarium stores, or aquatic museums will be posted the same posters but they will have a hole in the middle, to see live fish inside the plate.


To carry the idea further, I thought that this campaign must be held in places serving fish dishes: in restaurants, or at different events. Plates or soup bowls as shown above can have a direct effect on consumers.


Also to the wooden forks (that go with fish and chips) could be attached fish tails. Forks will be printed with the campaign message.


Another way to raise public awareness about the damage of overfishing is to put some fish nets in unusual places (giving the impression of being abandoned, being in excess) with plastic fish inside. They will have a price label printed with the message "There is no price for life".