Save a fish,Save a life
Human activities are directly related to consumer responses. Similarly uncontrolled fishing is the result of ever increasing demand for fishes by end consumers


Solution can be found by constantly generating awareness about the issue of overfishing.

The idea focuses on making the people/consumers aware about the proper usage of the marine resources. Proper utilization and reduction in wastage is the key to a balance life with nature.
The idea can be use  where fishes are consumed directly or indirectly by making us constantly aware of proper utilization as well as respect of marine life. It could be used in food industry (for example sign could be used in napkins,dustbins,wrapping paper etc in joints  that serves fish food) , supply chain industry( boxes that are used to pack and ship fish can be marked by such signs and symbols), it can be also be used as signs in public place to make us constantly aware of the situation .

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