give fish a hand
give fish a hand. logo fish+hand


campaign which bases its content in the frase "give a hand", to help. The key visual is a composition between a fish and a hand. Help the fish, give them a hand.

street marketing,  flash-mob (balloons), supermarket and stores, public pools (close to the latter where you put your hands), paper cups, tshirt, facebook group, poster 3D and stickers.

- logo: recognize the campaign.
- flashmob:  make people participate and let them know about the campaign, take others attention
- tshirts & stickers for you: donate and participate, show to others the campaign
- stickers/campaign stores & supermarkets: sustainable and responsible consumption of fish
- street mkt: posicioning the campaign and make it popular
- facebook: tips against overfishing, events, sharing stuff etc.
- posters: inform about the situation and give numbers/information. 

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