Fish don't grow on trees
I have worked on two different medias of communications. First, a advertising campaign represented by a poster designed for urban public places. (billboards, subway ...) Coupled with a street marketing action.


NOTE : sorry for my faulty English... (I am French)

The 2 actions resume the same message:
"Fish don't grow on trees" (wink to the expression "money does not grow on trees"), sounds like a warning to tell us we have no second chance! Consumed fish responsibly, preserving endangered species, do not emptied our oceans! we have no other alternative! (because Fish don't grow on trees...)

Advertising campaign :

The concept of my poster is to explain to peoples that the stock of fish has a limit. We need to preserve wild fish, we have no other alternative.
The poster therefore incorporates those words into a photo-montage. He projects a vision of a future absurd and unreal. We can see at first plan a large and beautiful tree, instead fruits we can see fishes. In the background is illustrated an dead ocean, some fishing boats stranded on the beach ... I have create this poster in a dark style for strengthened the feeling of threat.

Street marketing campaign :

To continue the concept of the poster, I thought hang paper fishes on trees in different urban spaces (fishes printed on recycled paper, approximately the size of a business card)

Fish will be carrying messages. First phrase "Fishes doesn't grows on trees." associated with WWF logo and the website address. .
On the back, different phrase of the the statistics about the over-fishing impact. (phrases can be found on the WWF website, example : "As many as 90% of all the ocean�s large fish have been fished out")

In the streets the passers stops naturally and approach trees to see what it is.
They grip and unhook the fishes to read the messages.
The act of catching fish connotes directly the fishing action , it means the persons are already involved in the subject ...

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