LISTEN! – An emotional audio guerilla campaign.


Basic idea

How can we connect urban civilization with the ocean?

How can we make people understand or feel that we have to change something?

An "unseen" audio guerilla campaign on public places in urban environment. Put your headset on and imagine you are just walking through the streets of your city :

The world of deep sea water and oceans is so far away for civlization � but 

might become much closer by being touched by the sound of the whales.


The Whole Campaign & Options

  • An "unseen" audio guerilla campaign on public places in urban environment, playing the voices of whales
  • The MIcrosite "" inspired by Here you´ll find pictures of the events, tour dates, mix the whales sound with your favourite soundcloud music, share it with your friends, take action and sign the online petition and find facts about overfishing
  • Postcards with background information to sign a petition right now or on the internet
  • It can be announced as an  event with tourdates or  just take place all over sudden � and make people think or wonder what it is about. We´d perfer the events not to be directly announced to let it become more exiting/surprising but both is possible.
  • First sketches of a cool posters/flyers to illustrate the concept here on jovoto or to announce the events or tour
  • Body painted menkind as fishes walking around (fun style, arty, or both), or even
  • acrobats or moving theatre performing fish groups
  • A youtube teaser video to announce the events � or a or documentary video recorded during the events (a first short storyboard follows) & facebook microsite to spread the word and invite friends to join the movement and sign the petition
  • Some promotion stickers/badges

Short storyboard for the video:

Animation or film (60´´) 


the sound of whales (audio track)

people in urban environment

stopping. wondering.

looking around


asking theirselves what is this as about

or not getting anything of it being busy

a young boy sitting down and closing his eyes. just listening

"what do you feel?"

pictures of whales

fishes families

people in urban setting



 "The oceans need our help"

"40-60% of fishes are already discard and unused!"

"Raise your voice to stop overfishing and sign the petition for sustainable fishing"

WWF logo



Voices of whales

The whole wwf tiger campaign, created by geleeroyale

A beautiful mexican wwf spot

Jason de caires taylor


Credits, Photo, Illustration, Footage:

Bodypainted murmaid:

"The WWFs ultimate goal is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature."


© Xavier Iturralde & Jesko Stoetzer, 2011 Ecuador - Berlin.

In case WWF wants to puchase this idea we´d like to find a good agreement to let one of us be part of the creative team doing the finetuning, final work and realistaion to help this idea become a great success. 


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