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UNICEF wants you to perfect and elaborate the idea "Foreign words"!

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UNICEF wants you to perfect and elaborate the idea "Foreign words"!


UNICEF is the children’s foundation of the United Nations. Founded directly after the Second World War as an emergency aid organization for children, UNICEF campaigns today for the improvement of children’s living conditions in over 150 countries. And in
190 countries UNICEF supports the implementation of the UN Children’s Rights Convention, which forms the basis for legally regulating and implementing children’s rights in every single country.

UNICEF Switzerland represents the organization’s cause in Switzerland, collects donations for the worldwide UNICEF programs, informs people about the organization’s work, provides specialist knowledge about new findings in the work for children and observes and supports the implementation of the Children’s Rights Convention in Switzerland.

The main priority of the campaign is to make children’s rights visible, and to make as many people aware of children’s rights as possible.

People should be informed about the existence of children’s rights or at least know that they can find out about the subject at Unicef and request additional information.
As the focus of the campaign UNICEF should be presented as a competent organization in children’s rights matters.

So this is a purely informative and image campaign, not one which has the primary aim of calling for donations, aid and such like.

Task Definition

A creative contest on the jovoto platform in autumn 2009 already resulted in fantastic campaign ideas, which were praised by both UNICEF and the jury.

The concept bought by UNICEF “Kinderrechte dürfen kein Fremdwort sein!/Children’s rights shouldn’t be a foreign word!” or “Fremdwort/Foreign Word” for short, should now also be perfected by the community in two partial tasks and made into one large campaign.

Task 1 - for the copywriters amongst you
Attached you will find a list of the most important terminology regarding the Children’s Rights Convention.

a) Choose the terms from the list that appear most important to you and which you think can be presented the most effectively within the framework of the campaign.

b) Develop headlines in the style of the campaign “Kinderrechte dürfen kein Fremdwort sein!/Children’s rights shouldn’t be a foreign word” which will really get under people’s skin and stay etched in their minds. The “dictionary entry” image must remain exactly the same.
All we’re looking for is the most memorable words from the list and their most striking “definitions”.

Task 2 - for the social media experts amongst you
Please take a look here.


The two parts of the contest will run parallel to one another – allow yourselves to be inspired by each other’s results. But of course make sure you ask before you develop a brilliant social media campaign based on a colleague’s great headline.

Target Group

The campaign should generally appeal to the entire public.

The core target group of the informative and awareness campaign is important protagonists in the children’s rights sector. There is a main focus on:

  • Parents
  • Guardians, school teachers, kindergarten teachers, crèche managers
  • Voluntary helpers, group leaders
  • Decision-makers
  • Politicians

The children themselves are not a direct target group of the campaign.


The tonality must be appropriate for UNICEF: appealing and with the necessary objectivity.

Mandatory requirements

  • The UNICEF logo must be integrated.
  • The logo is a registered word and image trademark so it may not be separated.
  • The headline suggestions should, if possible, be in German or English. If the campaign is realized they will be translated into the three native languages of Switzerland: German, French and Italian
  • The design of the existing “Fremdwort/Foreign word” campaign remains unchanged
  • The headlines, especially for use in a poster campaign, should be kept as short as possible.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


Tis link doesn´t work! Convention (linked here)

Dear all,

please make sure your idea is based on the mechanic of the idea "Fremdwort / foreign word":

Thanks ahead!

Ahm should be the idea in german language? Just wondering if I can use another language. Thnx :D

Hi dizazter,

no worries, your idea does not have to be in German. You can submitt your idea in English or any of the Swiss official languages. It would be nice if you provided an English translation in this case.

The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Only three of these languages, however, maintain equal status as official languages at the national level within the Federal Administration of the Swiss Confederation: German, French, and Italian.

I´ve got a question on the task: If the campain is "Kinderrechte dürfen keine Fremdworte sein" how do words that discribe not the rights but the deficites (Obdachlosigkeit, Hunger..) fit to this topic? If its about childrights which shouldn´t be foreign words, in my eyes this should be only these rights (love, family...) Even more words like "hunger" are anything but a foreign word for the childs effected.

What do you think? Did I get something wrong?

Hi dahu, I get your point, but the way I see it the words you mentioned are meant to describe what a child lacks/ has to suffer from when child rights are not protected. Hence I'd suggest to link to the actual child right when basing the description on the lack of something / the nuisance. So the reference to a specific child right at the end makes an obvious stance for the protection of child rights. You know what I mean?

(-: yes I get what you mean. Anyhow for me it dilutes the message. If the campain is " Kinderrechte sollten kein Fremdwort sein" (as it says the caim in the end of each foreign word) in my eyes its a contradiction to start with a word describing the suffering. I think the discription of the words gives the right space to tell about the suffering due to a harmed childright.

So maybe its just me who thinks this way but if not its better to let the participants know because there are already so many great texts not taking this into consideration.

puh lots of words...but you love words I know (-;

Dear all, I've posted a short but interesting interview with hiro42, the author of the idea "Foreign word", on the blog: Enjoy and get inspired!

Hier geht's munter rauf und runter – in den Bewertungen.

Irgendwie wäre es ganz toll, wenn die Funktion "Noch nicht bewertet" wieder eingeführt werden würde. Ich werde bei diesem Wettbewerb bald verrückt, weil sich ständig die Plätze ändern und ich nicht mehr weiß, was ich schon bewertet habe und was nicht. Bei den vielen Einreichungen kann man unmöglich nochmal alle durchchecken. Hilfe!

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Congrats to all Winners! Really great work!!