Opposites attract in foreign wor(l)ds
death vs sur-vi-val


death : closer to a child than it's first birthday. Children in poverty and with lack of everything you take for granted.

sur-vi-val : of the weakest. unicefs greatest goal.


The idea is to give an authentic, inartifical and unconventional explanation of a negative word, in the appearance of a definition - which in a � mehr lesenclassical sense of course it's not. At the same time, not only state the problem, but present unicef as the solution. The repetition of the phrase "unicefs greatest goal" (or something else) as a positive understructure, gives also a positive ending to a negative beginning. Since unicef IS trying their darnest to change all these injustices, it would be only fair to underpin this fact and so to speak present unicef as "the night in shining armour"...something along the lines of where there are children suffering, there is unicef. "Opposites attract" is unicef being attracted as an opposite to and always fighting against these injustices.