What & why
Un •der •stand •ing [What is sex (•u •al a •buse)?]


Kids just




questions: What





(is it as such)?

We adults ... so we speculate. We think we know what they need to know.

What we are fools! - Rather than recognizing that we are not sure, for their: "What (is it)?" we think that they are not enough old to know "What is it". We think that we whit an act them protect� that they are not ready to know what is that �something�.

Oh, admit to ourself that we have forgotten (if we ever knew). Do not withhold them of the answers even if they are: �I do not know�. Through conversations with them and we can get to the truth.

The absurdity of this problem is best reflected in understanding sex. Rarely any parents will not be happy to talk with your child about �what is sex?�� and how do children recognize that they are some �uncle� sexually abused them?!

I do not want to blaspheme on this holy day! BUT! -  If the uncle in the red (HOHOHO) had something hard in the pocket, then, that our kid has to understand what it is and to tell his parents, and our �HOHOHO� must at least finish as OH! OH! OH!