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On November 20th, on the Universal Children's Day and the day of the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, we will launch not one, but two UNICEF Contests.


What it's all about

The two contests are thematically related and serve the same goals. While one contest is purely text based and concentrates on the further development and adaptation of the idea "Fremdwort / Foreign word" from the last UNICEF contest, the second contest is focused on developing smashing Social Media campaigns to spread the word (see the ambiguity?).




The show stopper:

we are encouraging community members to get inspired by ideas from the respectively other contest and even - after having consulted the idea author of course - take an idea from the text based contest and develop it into a full blown Social Media campaign.

So yes, it's once more all about cooperation. Get your heads together to create some buzz for UNICEF!

Awarded ideas