a corporate role playing game with symbolic missions which are a veiled metaphor of tasks and goals in the real world


the applicant gets to create a personal avatar which reflects their own personality.  they also choose a character type and job description.  they gain experience points through various challenges and rise up the corporate ladder.  you meet other players within the virtual world and can help or sabotage each other.  

the application will have 8-bit low resolution graphics style in parody of old video games with appropriately cheap synthesized background music. 

role-playing games are fundamentally different from most other types of games in that they stress social interaction and collaboration.  it is a form of dynamic story telling in which each of your decisions affect the course and outcome of the fictional world set up by the game master; in this case deutsche telekom.

your character can choose among the following starting job classes: Administration/Secretarial, Customer Service/ Public Relations, Manager/Director, Accountant/Bookkeeper, Sales/Marketing, Technician/Programmer, and Lawyer/Thief. the choice of classification greatly affects the character's stats and techniques he or she can learn. furthermore, upon reaching level 20, a character may change classes at the office of Human Resources. once the job begins, you can build a team of diversified colleagues almost immediately.  these virtual team members travel with you and act as a human shield.  you also use their special abilities to help achieve your mission goals.

statistics are maintained for all team members: Health, Intelligence, Confidence, Charisma, Hygene, Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Luck.  these stats go up or down after every move based on the present situation and simple mathematical rules.

missions have a virtual time limit(number of moves), and it is important to focus on your tasks, however it is advantageous to take breaks and rest to revitalize crucial stats.  It is possible to overwork and have a breakdown costing down time.

with each completed goal, you gain certifications.  collections of certifications qualify you for special projects and job title promotions.

there is a virtual monetary system, and you will be paid a salary with which to purchase personal items and food at the company store.  you can carry a fair amount of items with you, but most will need to be kept at your desk.  

your main communication interface is your mobile phone which stores your conversations in free text messages as well as appointments and reminders.


It is a period of war in the telecommunications world.  Deutsche Telekom battles with the rival company Yodafone  for control of market share.  You must overcome corporate protocol and politics while not losing sight of the big objectives.  Your peers may be a worse threat to DT than Yodafone.  Later in the game, it is slowly revealed that the real enemy is the israeli telecommunications company Beth Telecom, which has been secretly sabotaging both DT and Yodafone through corporate espionage and stock manipulation.  Their hidden agenda is to control all mobile internet content.  You must form strategic alliances with Yodafone to stop Beth Telecom from staging an unfriendly takeover.  All companies take heavy casualties, and the DT buildings are noticeably destroyed but the company survives to fight another day.  The moral is that mobile communications and content belong to everyone, and it is too important a commodity to let one giant entity control it.


This is your first day working at DT.  You meet with the boss and receive your first assignment.  Completion of this task will lead to the next level where you face  the next boss and so on.  Do not get distracted by der Matrix.  If asked, take die blaue Pille.

  Most of the game is self-explanatory.  It plays like any other RPG.  SPACE  brings up the menu, and accepts commands in windows.  The ESC cancels commands in windows.  The arrow keys navigate menus, or move the player through the world.  

HP means Hit Points, when your hit points reach 0, you die.  If one person in your team dies, you must revive them with a spell, item, or a visit to the nurse; sleeping at the INN will NOT revive dead team members!  If your entire team dies, you will lose half your money, and the last saved your game will revive only the team leader.

  MP means Magic Points, each spell costs a certain amount of MP.  Some job classes cannot use spells. 

If someone is poisoned, cursed (by equipping cursed things), or dead, you can remedy this at the FIRST AID station, for a price.  You can only save your game with a prostitute.  BE SURE TO HOLD CTRL WHILE TURNING HER ON, OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT GET A VIRUS!!

  Doors can be opened by using the correct key, or with the OPEN spell.  The washroom key opens simple doors; the executive key opens special doors and simple doors; the janitor's key opens security doors, special doors, and simple doors.  IMPORTANT** All tools and protective gear MUST be equipped before they are effective!!!

  The locker room, can be used to store items and money.  Money stored in a locker will be protected if your team is defeated.  Items you don't have room to carry, but will need later (or items you can't sell or discard, and don't need anymore) can be put in the locker. Small items can also be stored at your desk, but you risk getting them stolen by other players on the network.  Some items that you will use often (such as the Janitor's Key, and Massage Wand) you will want to have at the top of your item list.  I will use the janitor's key as an example:  transfer the final key to the accountant; have the accountant transfer all the items above the key to himself.  This will move each item transferred to the bottom of the list.  Now, reequip him with his equipment.  Now, the janitor's key is easier to use.

  After meeting the boss, it is advisable to enlist team members at the cafeteria.  You register members upstairs, and enlist them downstairs.  All team members follow the leader, as you navigate through the world.  You can strategically change the marchingorder to shield against specific opponents and attacks.

Status Ailments:

Poison:  You will lose HP while you walk. Remedy:  First Aid station, antidote herb, or ANTIDOTE spell.

Numb:  You cannot move. Remedy:  walking around will cure it eventually, full moon ointment, or NUMBOFF spell.

Confused:  You will attack your team members in battle. Remedy:  kill the affected person, put the affected person to sleep, or win the battle.

Sleep:  You will be defenseless. Remedy:  goes away after a couple of battle rounds, cast AWAKE spell, or win the battle.

Cursed:  Some tools and protective gear are cursed; effects depend on the tool or gear that is cursed. Remedy:  House of Healing, or CURSEOFF spell.

Dead:  When you lose all HP, you cannot do anything. Remedy:  First Aid Station, VIVIFY or REVIVE spell, or leaf of the world tree.


You may enlist three team members at the Cafeteria.  A diverse team is recommended.

You can experiment with different combinations.  Team members can be male or female.

After reaching level 20, any character can change their job class.  The place to change job class is the Human Resources Center,

  When someone changes classes, the following always occurs:  The person loses all experience points and goes back to level 1; The person loses half of all attributes (i.e. max. HP, max. MP, intelligence, etc.); The person remembers all spells learned up to that point (thus, it is possible to turn a technician into an administrator or secretary who knows programming); The person is totally de-equipped (they still keep all their items and equipment, but you must equip all tools and protective gear again).


Coffee--increases agility and vitality temporarily

Medicinal Herb--restores some HP, followed by the munchies

Antidote Herb--removes poison.

Full Moon Ointment--treats numbness.

Pork--heals jewishness

Wrist Watch--useless in a world where people carry mobile phones.

Vanishing cream--same as INVISIBLE spell.

World Wide Web--same as SLOW spell.

Power Tie--restores 15-30 MP; may be used repeatedly until it breaks.

Tramp Stamp--you've already got one

Eau de Toilette--same as REPEL spell.

Zeta of the Jones--same as RETURN spell.

Leaf of the World Tree--same as REVIVE spell.

Wellness Crystal--If a person has this item, it will shatter when BEAT or
DEFEAT is cast on them, saving life. 

Awareness Bracelet--doubles wearer's stupidity when equipped; bought at the company store.

Strength Seed--slightly increases strength permanently.

Agility Seed--slightly increases agility permanently.

Intelligence Seed--slightly increases intelligence permanently.

Vitality Seed--slightly increases health permanently.

Charisma seed--slightly increases charisma permanently.

Luck Seed--slightly increases luck permanently.

Acorns of Life--slightly increases HP permanently.

Sunglasses--changes day into night.

Massage Wand--relieves stress.

Pedometer--when equipped, experience will increase 1 point per step 
while walking on the field.

Post It Notes--does anyone know what these are good for??

Free Doughnuts--same as CHAOS spell.

Custom Shoe Insoles--when equipped, this item restores HP as the person walks.

Silver Harp--when used on the field, a monster will immediately appear.

Sage's Stone--casts HEAL US spell in battle.

iPhone®--these aren't the Droids® you're looking for.  You can go about your business.  Move along.

Holy Bible-- fools people into thinking your actions are ethical


Heal--Healing-restore about 30 HP
Healmore--Healing-restore about 85 HP
Healall--Healing-restore all HP
Healus--Healing-restore 50 HP each
Antidote--Healing-remove poison
Awake--Healing-wake up ally
Vivify--Healing-50% chance revive
Revive--Healing-always revive
Return--When cast, go to any town
Beat--Attack-stops opponent instantly
Defeat--Attack-stops opponent group instantly
Speedup--Indirect-raise agility
Slow--Indirect-lower agility
Chaos--Indirect-opponent attacks others
Invisible--Misc.-invisible to others
Curseoff--remove curse from item
Xray--See everyone naked.  Increases confidence.
Green-- when chanted, everyone's intelligence points drop to zero
Proactive--when chanted, everyone's intelligence points drop to zero
Teamplayer-- when chanted, everyone's intelligence points drop to zero
Outofthebox-- when chanted, everyone's intelligence points drop to zero
Empowerment-- when chanted, everyone's intelligence points drop to zero