Six degrees of rocket candidate
The 6-degrees of separation theory says there must be no more than 6 people between you and any of the candidates we are looking for, so check it out and grab the prizes!:)



Six degrees of rocket candidate 

  1. Please, shortly describe your application.

The main ideas my application is based on are two:

1) crowdsourcing the campaign and making it viral, via special incentives to the participants who share it. They will be not only monetary, but social, too, and this will make the campaign a playful experience

2) using the '6-degrees of separation' theory, which states that every two people on the planet can find each other via chain of no more than 6 other people, who are friends of friends. This means that there are no more than 6 people between anyone spreading the word about the Deutsche Telekom campaign and the best candidate for any of its positions! For more information about the Six degrees of separation theory, please read:

The crowd-sourced campaigns are proven nowadays as extremely successful approach in many aspects of the marketing and PR. They let us spread the word quicker and integrate easily wide variety of mechanisms for good targeting, publicity and viral effects,  and so achieve many additional goals with the target audience of the brand. Here are some more details how we can apply that here:

How the application will work:

Every single job position will be published on the web page and via FB application, too, letting the people recommend it to their friends via email or via their FB contact list. The rules will be:

  • if you refer a friend who is successfully chosen for particular position, you get a prize of 2500E(or special 'Rocket prize voucher'). Even if you don't know suitable such, you could participate, sending the information to people who may know someone.

  • if you make a chain of people who finally bring successfull candidate to the company, you will get the same prize, but separated proportionally between the people from the chain. The ones who are closer to the candidate will take the most. This will incentivise better targeting and familiarity with the job positions

  • if a successfull candidate is referred directly from more than one person during the game, he could accept only one invitation

  • there will be interface letting the people monitor their 'chains' and get alerted if their candidate is hired, respectively they are awarded. A stamp with options to be shared in FB should be designed, saying 'I found a rocket candidate for Deutsche Telekom and got awarded with .....(the prize value/picture)'

  • an interface for the applicant should be provided, too, showing which of his contacts did 'rocket' him and how much efforts/contacts it has taken. Corresponding stamp could be made for FB sharing via the appication, showing your pictures and slogan: 'My friend Tim did rocket me to my new really cool job of Designer at Deutsche Telekom!' *

  • a widget could be provided for the people willing to popularize the campaign via their sites
  • mobile apps for monitoring your friends-chain woud be really suitable, too

    * the prize sum to be adjusted, and it could be '6 degrees club points', special 'rocket prize vouchers' etc � for more virality and surprize effect. The club points could be converted to certain prizes from a catalogue

    * the names of the people and the positions will be the actual ones

    What could we add to the campaign to make it more funny & viral:

    I. giving additional prizes like excursions, bikes, iPhones, iPads etc to the first N people, bringing us successful leads (again we put accent on the good targeting)

    II. Deutsche Telecom can approach famous soccer players, fashion models, musicians and actors to give start to the campaign with their contacts and keep updating how their networks are growing. This will be fun, because it will be a certain proof how a non-typical MINT professional can be connected with the rest of the world. Celebrities will enjoy it, because it will give them popularity, and the people will watch it, because it's fun to see how your favorite actor/fashion model/rock star is looking for system administrator :) For the celebrities would be attractive also to measure their publicity among the MINT students � I guess bands like Rammstein and Helloween would be extremely good choice for our target groups

    III. Special icons in your campaign app inteface showing if you or a person you have referred in your chain has mutual friend with a celebrity! The celebrities will show up as a good example and catalyst of the buzz how the 6-degrees experiment is growing viral. For example the normal people will be curious how many contacts separate them form given celebrity, the same time the short movies about the progress of the campaign, started from a celebrity will spread viral and will contribute to the campaign's image. DT could issue such once per week, per celebrity, and make sort of competition between them, too, just for raising interest and comments.

    IV. For the purposes of the good targeting, the celebrities could be tech- or business influencers from the MINT area � like bloggers, columnists, famous speakers and experts

    V. Another funny experience could certainly be the participation of the people in the final videos about the whole campaign and the best results of it. You bring us candidate, we give you popularity:)

    2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of

    Telekom Karriere/career?

    • the campaigns will reach more people and generate more high-quality applications, with less efforts and good additional marketing profits

    • the people will be incentivised to read carefully the requrements of every positions

    • the same time they will be motivated to spread the word more and more, but mainly to well targeted applicants

    • the candidate for the positions will be challenged to explore which of his friends/networking contacts could 'rocket' him the most, or which 'hubs' can connect him with the proper people. So � the man who 'rockets' you could be your best friend form the college, but he could be a new mate you have just met on an event yesterday.

    • the 6 degrees of separation theory is raising nowadays big interest, as the social medias are great playground for exploring it. There are famous sociology companies who even think, that the degrees are not 6 any more but 3 so Deutsche Telekom as a leading company in the field of telecommunications will definitely raise attention and gain trust doing this experiment and publishing the results.

    • Some brief documentary could be published at the end with the results of the experiment, which certainly will raise the popularity of the company . A channel in youTube during the experiment is a good option, too

    • Deutsche Telekom will generate huge and well profiled fan-base which could be useful for its further marketing campaigns  

    3. What is new about your application?

    The fact that it could combine successfull marketing campaign, scientific experiment and the same time involve more people to have fun

    4. Further notes about your idea?

    I would recommend you watch the documentary video showing really interesting results about the Six degrees of separatio theory and its applications: <a href="" rel="nofollow">