TAKTIK. T-Strategy. Real-time strategy computer game inspired by classics like “Age of Empires”. The aim of the game, is that the player must build a department or operative unit inside the company.



The final game will be named TAKTIK. 

These are the elements to play and to perform the strategies, as well a s the clean, minimalistic graphic envorinment. .
Coming soon: levels and how to play.

1. Please, shortly describe your application.

This application is called T-Strategy, and its form is the one of a real-time strategy computer game inspired by classic games in this field, such as �Age of Empires�.

In this game, the player will be asked to be the leader of a brand new department in Deutsche Telecom which he�ll have to create, structure and turn it into a full operative unit inside the company. To achieve this, the player will get access to resources -both humans and technological- that allow him to grow his unit from a single man office to a fully operative department.

The players will have the chance to choose between departments focused on the MINTs subjects, although there might be some other secondary options for candidates who wish to fulfill the challenge in another area.

Each of the departments will have tasks, human resources, technology, objectives and values that are unique for their subject. At the beginning, the player will have a basic amount of resources (meaning budget and other resources) to start the unit. By achieving tasks and completing challenges, new resources will be available, allowing the player to grow and to build his unit.


2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?

This game will serve a variety of purposes:

-       In the first place, the players will get an inside look of the corporate operational tasks within the company.

-       In second place, and since the primary goal in the game can be outlined in the word �growth�, this application will allow possible candidates to evaluate their chances and professional career inside Deustche Telekom. They�ll be able to pre-visualize their professional future in the company just by playing the game and using the tools that company provides. This can be very appealing to prospective candidates.


3. What is new about your application?

This application can work as a powerful tool for HHRR executives in the company since they can monitor the activity of the players in the game, allowing them to measure values such as: strategy, business vision or budget management.

It also will build a database of prospective candidates that not only have personal and professional data, but will also content interests, high scores, and other insights derived from their involvement in the game.



4. Further notes about your idea?

This application may run on the Facebook Fan Page, in mobile devices, and in the company�s career page.

Since it�s all about a corporate and work environment, there�s no need for heavy 3D graphics, and that would make it suitable for web and mobile devices. The overall look and feel should be technological, edgy and minimal.