The sign for your career!


How it works


- The internet users will have to scan the Telekode that will be around internet and social communities to get into the app.

- Once scanned, the users have to register their personal info and create their Telekode community profile.

- Then, the users will have a Telekode menu to choose any category they are interested too.

- Every Telekode has his own different challenge and assignment, the users will get points for their performances.

- The users will be able to share their Telekode profile via facebook, twitter, and in Telekom official website.

- Everyday new Telekodes challenge will appear at the facebook fan page and in Telekom official website.

- The winners will be the members with more points, skills, and knowledge at the end of the season.

- This will be applied to all the categories.




� Users profile accounts.

� New telekode tasks points everyday.

� 4 different types of telekodes categories (Technology, Informatics, Natural sciences, Mathematics).

� Earn professional points by accomplish the telekode tasks.

� Get influence points to your works from other users and improve your performance.

� Collaborate with other users creating team networks to accomplish tasks winning points.

� Receive hidden promos and surprises from telekodes.

� Share your ideas in social networks.

� Comment in users tasks.

� 24/7 interactive network.

� Get hired!.




1. Please, shortly describe your application.


Telekode is a simple sign(Telekom barcode) app that will creates interaction between users-brand | brand-users | users-users, having everyday challenges and assigments to accomplish to win points, skills, knowledge to finally get the jobs to start their succesful career.


2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?


Community interaction, increase their career knowledge, increase Telekom awareness for a better performance in Telekodes, new ideas to solve �daily works� and a whole Telekom �Working Network� to improve his profesional life.


3. What is new about your application?


Challenges and assigments from scanned Telekodes(modern barcodes) within a new Telekom web-based Interactive Career Aplication Community in Telekom facebook fan page and Telekom official website.


4. Further notes about your idea?


This web-based app can last for long time by using the Telekodes in new different kind of tasks.


Xavier Iturralde

Copyrigths Reserved ©2011

Gye - Ec


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