Sing mir deinen Alltag... updated 03/27
Telekom Employees sing in their prefered music-genre about their everyday life in their job. This way you can convey knowledge, information and the corporate structure.


UPDATE #1: Concept in video format

UPDATE #2: Concept Updates: check bold area and the new pictures for the updated stuff

1. Please, shortly describe your application.

Telekom employees sing in their preferred music-genre about their everyday life in their job. Real employees are going to be filmed in their office, where they sing about how their daily routine in their job looks like.

The music-genres can be chosen by the employee... so if they like rap music.. they can sing a rap song or they can also sing about their daily routine in metal for example.

On the one hand, it shows that the Telekom really has a sense of humor and on the other hand, it allows you to see behind the curtains of the Telekom office.

You can choose between different Jobs, in which one of the employees, who work in this category sings. (It's chosen randomly who of the chosen category sings... so if you click it three times.. you can hear the daily routine sung by 3 different people)

But before you can watch the next clip, you have to play some short mini games:

The mini games are high-speed games, which have a duration of approximately 5 seconds. They are little assignments, which are close to real-life ones of Telekom employees.

Some examples for these mini games:

*you have to connect three households with cables via drawing with the mouse

*10 telephones are ringing and you have to answer them all by clicking them

*you have to answer a simple question

*The delivery truck is too late and you have to speed up via mouseklicking

*you have to put the internet-cable into the slot

*find the employee in a picture

*you see a close-up of a device and have to find out what it is

*solve a sliding puzzle

*insert three cables into the correct slots of your router

*colour the Telekom Logo

The games are not very hard, because they are time based. Because of that they are easy and entertaining.

After each Song you have to do 5-10 mini games (which are chosen randomly) and if you managed to do so without doing more than 2 mistakes (you have 3 attempts), the next video gets unlocked

The questions are simple, due to the fact, that nobody loses motivation to continue.

It should also have a sensible effect:

*It works as a hint for further research (for job candidates)

(you get a overlook, which topics are relevant for the job and you are able to research the topics to get a fundament for the job you are interested in)

* important general knowledge questions

(f.Ex. Where do you find the WPA Key? This way frequently asked Question can be answered preventive and the technical support can be relieved.)

*the little brain-teasers gives the user the feeling, that he has really earned the next clip. (psychological slap on the back. It's also a metaphor to the real job. If you do well, you get a pay raise or promotion)

At the beginning of the game you can choose between several job-positions. When you've answered all questions and watched all clips, the nex hierarchical higher positions get unlocked.

You can see that the higher positioned Jobs who work in the management-sector are also funny and nice persons. And again this is a metaphor to the real job, where you can see the career way you can go.

At the end of the Game the Telekom employee asks you, if you want to follow him on Facebook. If you klick �YES�, he will be automatically added to your friends and you can continue following his daily routine via his Facebook entries. In these entries he writes live about what he's doing at the moment.

Also you can see the Job-Offers and you have the possibility to submit your application via video.(which can also be sung)

This can also be implemented in the website, where you can optionally add a video to your regular application for the job.

The adding of the video has a positive effect for the job interview too.


An applicant comes into the room for the job interview and he's already welcomed with a smile in the face (because the application-video has been seen before). Together they watch the Video again, and laugh together about it. The result is a loosening-up of the situation

Also you have an insight into the personality of the applicant (more a shy guy? Humorous guy? Etc)

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of

Telekom Karriere/career?

You show the people, that the employees are funny and have a sense of humor.

When people show humor, you want to work there, because of a nice working climate, which allows you to bring in ideas and so on

The idea is not only for potential applicants interesting, but also for people who like funny stuff.

�Hey do you know that app, where the people sing about their jobs lol?�

The songs don't have to appear professional or something... The naive and unprofessional factor just makes it more funny and adds to the fun factor.

3. What is new about your application?

Knowledge, information and an insight into the daily routine will be shared playfully.

Also the fact, that it's not only interesting for applicants, it also has an advertising factor for the Telekom.

4. Further notes about your idea?

The concept is based on the fact that the Telekom stands for Communication. The videos are a very personal and emotional way of communication which not only conveys information but also (positive) feelings