SynapsTeigen: A game where everybody rise
A three stages game to reach a dreamed job gided by Telekom. Game: Find the job of your dreams and your dream job looking for you Purpose of the game: reach the most appropriate goal. The game starts with the intention of reaching a goal, but by the pa


1. Please, shortly describe your application.
Game: Find the job of your dreams and your dream job looking for you
Purpose of the game: reach the most appropriate goal. The game starts with the intention of reaching a goal, but by the path is probable that a better goal than the initial finds you.

Initial Stage: The Portal
Entering Personal Information: Applicants will enter their basic data and information on their skills, allowing them starts a game in which they seek the goal and the goal seeks them. At the start will assigned to the player a representative icon which identify through all the game

Part 2: The Labyrinth, horizontal displacement stage 
 The Telekon platform will help the players to fly his steps towards the desired goal during all the stages. The search begins as a game in which initially there is a horizontal displacement where there are several entrances and pathways by which players can access based on their skills, in early stages may be several opened doors, but others may be closed. The figure of a labyrinth is used because in the initial pathway, the applicant could have some initial questions that need to be cleared up by the Telekon platform.

The doors represent opportunities and access requirements are specified by touching their icons, each door will define an ideal profile for the initial goal sought by the player and shown the valuation given to each requirements. This will identify real opportunities involved to each offer and the requirements that must be met for access, which gives the opportunity to improve the profile and equate personal points with the required

Part 3: Climbing, vertical displacement stage

Once the player reaches his or hers first goal, ie out of the labyrinth, starts a vertical displacement along with other applicants. The player may be compared to other players in function of his or hers progress, when the goal are greater through the game, the icon that was assigned will grow. At this stage the player can be achieved by "dream job" to be considered suitable for the job, in this case it won�t be necessary filing more requirements or compete with other players and will arrive directly to the final goal. When the job of the dream achieves the player this game is over, nevertheless can remain on the platform to help other players to reach their goal.

Final Stage: The Battle and / or Goal
If you have not been hit by the job of your dreams (final goal) have to go to the final battle.

The applicant is only a step away from the goal, there are two options: either to reach the goal without confrontations or to compete with other players showing their skills and superiority, which will allow it to achieve the goal.

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?

-       The possibility that the applicant can assess their abilities to achieve the desired job.

-       The possibility to increase the potential required to achieve the goal.

-       The constant feedback on the job search process motivates and generates greater interest in the platform which brings assessment tools.

-       The possibility to compared with other applicants by providing an open curriculum and discussion forums.

3. What is new about your application?

It's a fun application that makes job hunting a motivator challenge  where the applicant can always win by sharing experiences with others, exploring multiple possibilities in the field of work, and gradually can improve his or hers credentials through the assess and comparation with the credentials of other applicants.

4. Further notes about your idea?

Gaming platform is also a discussion forum where candidates can meet and submitted as one another, this will increase the chances of all. These forums will enable the working knowledge of tools developed in different parts of the world, employment opportunities and constantly updated. The possibility to share wth