Diversity - Vielfalt verbindet
An application to move the issue of diversity management in the focus and make it more accessible


  1. Please briefly describe your application.
    The Deutsche Telekom is a global company with 260,000 employees from different backgrounds, cultures, talents. This diversity is importance for future innovations and sucess.

    The purpose of this application is to present the different measures of the Telekom in the "diversity management" and how to profit personally.

    Through the use of arrow keys, photos of employees can be completed. As soon as 3 correct parts are aligned and complementary fit, name and activity of the employee appears. The person now begins to explain how they have benefited from the diversity program (in about 60 - 90 sec).

    2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom carrer?
    Visitors of the site learn in an entertaining way, which programs the Deutsche Telekom offers to support and promote their employees, for example to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions or tandem/sponsorships between young and old.

    3. What is new about your application?
    The subject "Diversity" has been neglected for a long time and is still abstract for many employees. In this application, the user learns interactively how to benefit from this company strategy personally.

    4. Further notes about your idea?