global ciTi search
global ciTi search – a tool for jobseekers to evaluate living conditions in cities.


1. Description: Once a potential candidate for a specific job has decided on which job he would like to apply for, he or she can use the global ciTi search tool to find important relevant information about the quality of life in the city/suburb the job is located at. Search criteria amongst others will be:

Average rental according to size, area, standard (mietspiegel)

Child-friendliness (kindergarden, schools)

Health factors (Hospitals, clinics, CO2 emission, EMR)

Demographics (population figures - children, the elderly, immigrants, unemployed, etc.)

Salary analyses

Transport logistics (subway, taxi, buses, infrastructure)

Entertainment/fun factor (restaurants, nightlife, outdoor activities)

Interview with current employers living in the area

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?: After analysing the conditions and drawing a personal conclusion if he or she would like to live and work in such a city, the candidate will move on to the application process feeling more confident that such a move would be the right one for him/her and their family.

3. What is new?: The tool is city specific(wherever telkom are situated) and along with facebook it gives the user a direct impression from current employees living in such a city.