You are T.
This application is an interactive exercise inviting applicants to build their own professional profile for Telekom.


1. Please, shortly describe your application.

This application is an interactive exercise inviting applicants to build their own professional profile for Telekom.

 2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?

The main idea is that through out this interactive app, the user can write and select the words that best describe him or herself.

Once the words have been written, the software arranges them in a word cloud, and the user must select them and drag them into a hollow �T�, in order to fill it with his skills. This �T� will get filled with every word that matches the employer�s criteria (previously defined by the company and, in this moment, hidden to the applicant).

3. What is new about your application?

This application allows the user, through playful aspects, awake curiosity about his own possibilities of becoming a member of Telekom, as well as be aware of his profile in order to improve it, fulfilling those aspects not completely achieved, in order to be competitive and match Telekom needs.

4. Further notes about your idea?

This will run on the Facebook Fan Page, in the company�s career page, and in mobile devices.  

After completing the process, a digital form sheet will appear, inviting the user to apply for a job in Telekom.

This application can be seen as a résumé builder and checklist.

1. Please, shortly describe your application.

Is a simple idea. I designed a useful interactive tool to all kinds of devices that can download it from the web or connect directly into Telekom career page.

It can work on Ipod, Ipad, smart Phones, or be sent via email without the need of the electronic device. The goal of this application is to help the user to be conscious about professional aspects that can be relevant in a competitive world, such as personality, creativity, professional skills and personal interests (another feature that the company considers appropriate can be added too).


How does it work?

Throughout a simple interface the user must write and insert words that, according to himself, would define, for instance, his personality. In an honest way and with a positive attitude, he will try to build a profile that, beyond to convince the Telekom team, must work for him. Each correct word will have a value that will be added to each level. There�s a virtual trashcan that will serve to eliminate the words that are not good enough to talk about himself.

Once these words are written, they will appear organized in a nice graphic way (word cloud). This layout is random, so it�ll be different every time. Side to this word cloud there is a hollow T, wich the user must fill dragging into it the word he considers can help him to build the professional profile that the company is looking for.

Once completed the level, it will appear an application form showing the parts already fulfilled by the stages of the game. The user must finish the game in order to complete this form. At last, the app will search on the company�s database for job options that could be matched to the profile built by the user.


The levels

In each level the user must write key words that identify or describe characteristics or positive features the he consider to be necessary in order to belong to the Telekom group.


Level One: Personality

Level Two: Creativity

Level Three: Professional Skills

Level Four: Contributions to the company (personal values)