From zero to hero *update 04/14*
***UPDATE 04/14: QUESTIONS ANSWERED / DESCRIPTION OF LEVELS ADDED*** You start at Zero and each level is a metaphor for a real life task in the telekom... but in a way more simple and playful way. Also it works like a real promotion system.


1. Please, shortly describe your application.

You start at Zero and each level is a metaphor for a real life task in the telekom... but in a way more simple and playful way.
There is no need to arise frustration!

Also it works like a real promotion system.

The first jobs are the ones, where you can enter without a lot of background knowledge  
After each level you will get a new rank, which is the next higher job, you could get in real life.

At the beginning of the Game you can create an avatar of yourself with a creator. This way you feel really personally involved in the game. And you don�t want to stop playing, because this would mean you would give up.

After each level you are in your personal area, where your rank and your position in the game is shown

The squares at the bottom of the personal screen show the levels, which you already finished and which are still to do.
LEVEL 1 = f.ex Support call Center
level 15 = software engineer
level 30 = the big boss of telekom

Each level has an own mini game. They all will be different. But if you liked one level in particular, you can always repeat it.

You have the possibility to send an application for a job in your personal area.

There is also a button, which shares your status and rank with your friends on facebook. This way other people might take notice of the game and start playing.

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?

Via small minigames, which vary from level to level, you have a slight insight in the jobs, and how your work might look like� of course in a very playful way�. but you get the idea.

You can actually see how the promotion system works. 

And also how each stage works.

This way you can not only reach applicants for specialized jobs but also for more regular ones like working in a Telekom Store or in the Help Center.

The fun factor.

All the mini games are really funny, if you liked one level especially, you can play it again and again, after you finished it.

They give you a) an insight in the real job but b) are really cool dissipation.

The cool factor is also the possibility to share your current rank on your Facebook profile.

3. What is new about your application? 

It's a selection of mini games with a real reference and connection to a real job at Telekom.

Most minigames on the market lack variety, but this game is a really funny collection of lots of different games of skill� and also action games�

4. Further notes about your idea?

Each new rank is an achievement, which makes you want to continue.

The fact that you can share your rank on Facebook brings the competition aspect.

If one level or better said job looks interesting, you can do a check the t-mobile website for a real job-descripton. (Maybe it should even be linked in the game)

Detailled Level Description:

*Each level is reflects a real job rank. 
f.ex. software engineer, help service, 
shop assistant, technician, manager, etc.

*The levels are simplified real life tasks of the job.
f.ex  in the software engineer level  you have to solve a problem in the programming code. 
In the technician level the player has to drive during the rush hour to the house, where the internet is broken in a certain amount of time, without crashing the car.

*Each level is a different mini game.
in each level there is special task, which fits in the job description. So the mini games are rich in variety. You have to solve puzzles, do racing games, play action sequences. 
This way the game won�t become boring but also offers an insight in the different job tasks.

*After each level you won, you get a new rank
The rank can be posted on you private facebook profile.
The ranking system works similar to a real promotion.
If  you did a good job, the big boss personally congrats you.

Examples for levels

Level 1: Help call center
     answer as many phone calls as possible via mouseclick
Level 2: Shop assistant in Telekom store
     try to convince a greedy customer of a certain product
Level 10: Technician
     drive to a house during rush hour to repair the internet connection
Level 14: Webmaster
     the webserver is broken, solve the problem
Level 16: Software engineer
     a virus is in your software, delete the wrong code elements
Level 20: Human research dept.
     Find the best applicant for a certain job
Level 25: Manager ...
Level 30: Big boss of Telekom ...

sources for pictures used  to design examples: