Dream or Dreamer
The dream job finder give always an answer. For a serious entry - a serious answer, for bull than you get -> see charts. The more obscure the entry, the more obscure the answer will be.


dream job finder:

  • works serious when you use it serious
  • works as a fun machine when you type in "fun" (these user will promote the website in the net "see what I found..."

I got no �hits� at the job portal, which is frustrating.  The dream job finder changes everything!

1. Please, shortly describe your application.

The dream job finder data bank is programmed to give an unusual answer to unusual requests too (surprise)  For example if you enter �fuck� the data bank will find an answer.

The more obscure the entry, the more obscure the answer will be. (see charts)

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career

the dream job finder is a simple fun way to find your dream job.  If the requested job is advertised by telecom, then the user finds the job offer with one click.

If the job is not offered by telecom at the time it is requested then the user can get registered and is informed later if a position comes in.  Or the dream job finder can suggest a similar position.

What is new about your application?

I expect that many of the requests are not to be taken seriously.  That will make it even more surprising to the user when despite making a request which is not meant very seriously,  he receives an answer.  These surprising answers will be virally spread in the social networks. Eg: �See what a funny answer I get if I enter �XYZ!�

I would like to refer to the TippEx Spot on Youtube.  Here it is possible to make unusual entries such as �fuck�.

4. Further notes about your idea?

The idea also functions with text and without pictures.  The main task is to create a data bank with possible occupations, key words and synonyms.

The user can upload his own Foto and become a "worker" or "King"

Develop the database with new keywords e.g. the database has not a keyword for �house� but many users type it in.


Pic are just for Layout from Dreamstime and a CD-ROM In Character (rotaly free)

I asked extratain about the name "Traumjob"