Traumjobber - Teste deinen Traumjob
Do a Personality Test; discover which kind of job personality you have. Get than job offers fitting to your personality. Discover them and start working in your dream job by doing little tasks and challenges in your job. Alone or with friends.


1.     1. The concept

Users do an amusing personality test (like you may know from magazines). Possible results for example could be that they are good strategists or problem solvers. They could post that result on facebook directly. Than they get Telekom jobs offered which fit to their personality and their specification in real life. They get job profiles for every job offered and they pick the job they like the most � their dreamjob. They can choose if like to apply directly or if they like to try the job virtually. They could post their choice at facebook again. Update could be: �John Doe started to work as junior project manager at the Telekom.�

If they chose to try the job in game first, the virtuall job testing game starts � named "Traumjobber". Here the dream jobber could work on solutions for exciting task typical for the job they have chosen. Tasks starting easy and get more difficult after a while. For every task a user does right he get points. If he has enough points he gets upgraded. (Facebook updates again)

People can also do group tasks and challenges together with their facebook friends. Some tasks can be rated by other users and Telekom stuff. Telekom stuff is also providing support to the dreamjobbers.

+ People get jobs matching to their personality - indivualisation is a big
+ People can try out jobs virtually before applying
+ People get new ideas and inspiration for their carreer
+ People learn about the Telekom, Telekom learns about them
+ People can share their results with friends
+ People can play in challenges with friends
+ People can compare their results with friends
+ People have fun  - positive branding by the Telekom