Deutsche Telekom got recruits!
View and Vote for your favorite candidate in Deutsche Telekom's search for new talent! and get prize while doing so!


1. Please, shortly describe your application.

Applicants will be represented with a simple online avatar which contains selected professional profile so that anyone can view and rate them.

Just like TV program American idol, Face book community members can vote candidate with �Like� button based on the applicants� available career relevant profile (no contact info, gender, age, race, name, photo)

Although these �Like� does not directly influence hiring decision. Applicant�s avatar would gain access to visually attractive item based on number of �Like� which would draw people�s attention to his/her profile.

The ability to view qualification of job applicants and to express personal judgment would evoke great interest of current and future workforce in the related professional field and also draw attention of general public who love to watch and participate reality TV contest program.

Along with updated real time rating score, randomly appearing Deutsche Telekom logo icons and prize people can receive through them motivate both the general public and applicants to visit website again and again.

The�Like� will not influence the result of hiring decision because it is ultimately Deutsche Telekom's choice, but Deutsche Telekom can give out some promotional gifts to applicant who got most �Like� and viewers who has given �Like� to candidate who gets hired.

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?

Involvement of T mobile�s job hiring process evokes people�s emotional attachment to Deutsche Telekom and its employee.

Semi transparent hiring platform promotes Deutsche Telekom as accessible and open.

Final hiring result announcement, updated real time rating and trivia question prizes will keep everyone�s interest level high all throughout the hiring process.

Chance to gain public exposure of one�s own professional qualification will benefit all participating applicants.

Vast amount of public attention toward Deutsche Telekom job hiring will be generated.

3. What is new about your application?

It revolutionizes the traditional boring job hiring process where applicants submit their resume and passively wait for the result without any kind of interaction until decision is made. Through this fun application Deutsche Telekom allows applicants and general public access to applicants� selected information and vote favorite candidate for the job with �Like� as if they are the hiring manger of Deutsche Telekom and view the updated public�s response in real time.

4. Further notes about your idea?

Deutsche Telekom needs to review and approve information applicants decide to reveal to public through their avatar information.

Number of �Like�person can give out is limited to number of available position for hire in each category.