THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH presented by TPS - Talent Positioning System


1. Please, shortly describe your application.
With viral videos (see video job description, as an example customer consultant in Magdeburg) TPS is on the net community carefully. There you can see on the one hand all the "unvarnished" truth about the Telekom executive jobs, but also record their own "unvarnished" truth about themselves. If you want you can declare the same truth as this job. If not you will be "just 4 fun" the truth of the voting community. The more honest you about yourself, the higher the probability of voting in the top places to be demonstrated!

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?
On the one hand, we learn in an unconventional way, the "truth" about the telecom and their jobs, on the other hand, the telecom high entertainment value through the opportunity to have his thoughts about himself sometimes run wild. When you're already so honest to his new employer?

3. What is new about your application?
The Telekom loses its "stiffness" in the rather dry sounding job descriptions, however, retains its professional appearance in the background during the actual job assignment. Since Deutsche Telekom is always ready up 2 date to be (see flash mobs or tilt-shift campaign), go here once a different way and takes to please the job interested and the Internet community supposedly sometimes even poke fun at.

4. Further notes about your idea?
Most of all I would immediately take up a job application. Maybe in the marketing area? ;)

Video example for:

Sorry... translate with Google! ;)