Werd ein Teil der Telekom
Are you ready to become a part of Telekom? The application shows you how high are your T-scores and surprise you with a highlight for sending.


1. Please, shortly describe your application.

To be successful in a company means to meet all requirements and represent the brand. With my application, "How high are your T-score?" the user can check immediately whether he could fit into the company of Deutsche Telekom and whether he can identify with the company philosophy. 

The five guidelines "Guiding Principles" are the basis to determine the actions of each employee.

Telekom corporate value

1. Customer delight drives our actions

2. Respect and integrity guide our behavior

3. Team together � Team apart

4. Best place to perform and grow

5. I am T � Count on me

These 5 guidelines are the base for my application. Gradually, the user is asked about the values and will also be asked to enter his own personal vision.


Finally, the values are expressed as a percentage.


When analyzing the user receives a statement how he might fit into the company. Output statements are from good to excellent. Then, the user will be asked to become a part of Deutsche Telekom.

Video-sharing effect

The highlight is a charming video, which is generated from the personal input. The user is placed in the telecom world. You can listen to the motivation song. the user is dancing and energetic signs with the individual entries/textinput appear bold.

The videos are eye-catching and can be sent to acquaintances and friends.

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career

The visitor deals playfully with the corporate values of the Telekom. And deals also with the question: What do you think? What is important in a company?

And answers the question: Are you already ready to be a part of the "One Company"?

3. What is new about your application?

The company values for a successful career with Deutsche Telekom are a virtual experience. The user has the option to compare his principles with the values of Deutsche Telekom.

4. Further notes about your idea?

The application is especially addressed to the MINT subjects, dealing daily with numbers and analysis. It should give a first insight into the values and create a digital access to the telecom career with entertainment factor. The application seeks to inspire the interested user for the company and become a part of it.