Career is for all!
Career is for all to share not matter one's physical or any other health conditions!


Please, shortly describe your application

My application is made for everyone, handicapped, mute or anyone else whowant to search for a job or apply for a job at Telekom. Thus, three main functions are integrated in the application.

1. Beforestarting to search, user will be presented with two option a text search or audio search. Meaning if someone cannot type in the text, they can just say a key word or a phrase and say go, to get the result

2. The  interview tool has both video and audio function, it lets the user test their chance to get the job they want to apply for. It cats as both a trainee and a virtual career coach with a focus on what the user is reallylooking for.

The tool combines also some intergrated fun tools in case the user wants to share their video interview with friends, they can add audio or effect to their voice, from their own library or telekom�s online audio library.

After the interview, the application also suggests to user materials, such as books or online refference in case of poor score.

3.The third function is an additional tool that can be used to add further function to both the audio or text search. Through this customization, users can specify further functions such as result filtering, search speed, key-word range.

Users can also customized a desktop copy of the application through wich they can view saved jobs even when not connected to the internet and still have access to all the key functions of the application.

Which additional value does your application offer to the visitor of Telokom Karriere/Career

The application adds new functionalities and improves the user experience of Telekom-Career by making accessible to everyone and also, by allowing the user to access most of the function via their desktop even when not connected to the internet the application offers an incredible flexibility that will contribute vitally to the image of Telekom as an innovation-led company.

What is new about your application

Changing the functions of a website page live is not something new to many people, but having a website that can be accessible to everyone with the exact same functions is something new that I wish could be achieved and that is what my application proposes.

User-friendlier tools, but also the sharing of both audio and text search result, as well as self interview video with friend is something that I think will improve how people view Telekom career portal, because it offers more than just the job listed on the site, it offers coaching and many ways to share your discoveries with friends.

Further notes about your idea

The way this application is designed makes it easier for further integration with other sites such as facebook. That increases not only the access of the portal by many users, but also creates an all new view about job-searching. Sharing of jobs with friends will be as fun as inviting them to barbecue party. If I would receive a video from a friend inviting to apply for a job, I would definitely do so,� this is what my application wishes to bring to the Telekom Career portal

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