The Worklife Research Project
The Worklife Research Project


Please have a look at this mindblowing, skribbeld video about new research of what drives and motivates us:


1. Please, shortly describe your application.

Usually individuals apply for a job. These days it getting more and more into that companies apply for their employees to find the best people. 

We integrate new research results on motivation and start asking employees about their needs, their vision, their perfect position, where and how they would love to work, cause research is telling us that this kind of intrinsic motivation, like autonomy, purpose & mastery is the best and strongest factor for high motivation, best performance and best results. Much more than money.

The Worklife Research Project  its a web-based application, a microsite or an app that gives autonomy and gets deep in touch with the users by asking them their needs, skills, purpose and vision to find the job of their life. 

Additional fun gaming part and a news section of the telekom laboratories.

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of Telekom Karriere/career?

The highest value for users might be to find a job or position where they have good worklife conditions and a work that they really love to do.

Secondly, being part of a innovative research project that cares about the employees needs and might help to  find and define their perfect matching job at deutsche telekom. 

Additional values might be future, fun, interactivity, knowledge, personal preferences, job opportunities, money, 

3. What is new about your application?

A new, innovative approach of motivation and a research project that creates deep insights and performances from the users to find and define the job they would love to do:

  • The target goup gets involved into an super innovative research project, that  cares about their personal needs and focuses on defining their perfect job
  • It might be one of the first HR projects that asks the employee to help figuring out working conditions or even define them
  • Telekom learns a lot about the needs of their employees and can adjust the settings. They will get an detailed idea of the MINT target groups purposes, conceivabilities and personality
  • It creates a highly innovative image of telekom, being very engaged in their employees needs
  • It creates  a matrix of employees needs, purposes and positions, that can be crossed with the available jobs, so it can provide instant job offers with best matches of needs and offer to find the perfect position for both sides, the employee and the company
  • This way it creates the best conditions to work and finds the best people doing their best performance 

4. Further notes about your idea?

We´d like to suggest some first steps that might help realising this idea and make it a success:

The new "Telekom human research innovation center" (HRIC) should become the place for a small creative team working on innovations in human resources. It will be a new section of the Telekom Laboratories, an existing institue of Technische Unversität Berlin. 

Here the team of HRIC will be right next to the MINT targetgroup and may even involve them in realising the "Worklife research Project" as their first project.

For creating the interactive research part in a fun way, we suggest to work with CognitiveMedia, UK. They create mindblowing animations, perfect for presenting science or research in an entertaining way:

Hope you like it! = )
The future is now! = )

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