Goodness Connects
Deutsche Telekom Career page communicates the company's human values by sponsoring Random Acts of Kindness.


1. Please, shortly describe your application.

�Goodness Match� (working title) is a gaming app to promote Random Acts of Kindness, with a concept that players share all their winnings, as surprise gifts, with random friends.

To win a prize players have to match letters on cubes with first names of people (Facebook friends) whose profile photos would appear in a random slide show inside these cubes . Correct matching of all letters (under 30 seconds, for example) wins a prize that would be equally distributed among all �matched� friends.

Cubes with letters will form different text messages from Telekom. For example, WIR SUCHEN NEUER KOEPHE. In this example players would have to match 20 letters to 20 names. If a player correctly matches all 20 letters under 30 seconds, the prize would be shared between these 20 people whose names were used.

2. Which additional value does your application offer to the visitors of  Telekom Karriere/career?

Besides the chance to surprise friends with unexpected gifts (free sms, discounts, etc) the players have a good chance making new friends through the game. For example, a correct lucky guess of the name of a friend of a friend and a surprise gift from you would make a good social bond, i.e. Goodness verbindet.

The fun and friendly nature of the game would communicate the fun and friendly working environment at Deutsche Telekom.

3. What is new about your application?

Random Acts of Kindness concept executed in a format of social altruistic online game. The player�s motivation is to surprise random friends with unexpected small gifts.

4. Further notes about your idea?

I believe that sponsoring RAC (Random Acts of Kindness) on Telekom Career page will create more credibility for the company as a brand with high human values (that walks its talk!)