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What is the contest about?

With the help of your innovative, digital features Deutsche Telekom AG wants to position itself as a more attractive employer brand. Make their careers information more tangible to attract applicants from all subject areas, in particular graduates and professionals from the MINT subjects (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technology) and to increase the interest in a career at Deutsche Telekom.

Contest specials

An expert jury, consits of six members, will accompany the contest and choose their favorite ideas. The winners selected by the jury will be invited to the Telekom Innovation Forum where they will further develop their ideas together with usability and personnel marketing experts in workshops and receive extra prizes.

The Jury Awards

  • 1. Prize: 1.500€
  • 2. + 3. Prizes: 1.000€
  • 4. + 5. Prizes: 500€

The concept that is chosen by Deutsche Telekom at the end of the contest will be implemented. The winner selected by the jury receives a royalty fee of €3000 for their idea and will be invited to accompany the realization.

Project Jury

Awarded ideas