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have fun everyone, sounds nice

I agree! This will be fun! :-)

public - awesome

No worries, a new really cool private contest will start end of this week!

1 private>4 public? it used to be the other way around. i remain positive.

Great! I'm waiting for all nice ideas! :-)

Wie kann man das verstehen:

"Es wird keine klassische Personal-Kampagne mit HR-Image und -Stellenanzeigen, ebenfalls keine klassischen Marketing-Aktionen (wie Promotions) gesucht, sondern...

....klassische PR-Ideen (hier ist großartiges Storytelling und Agenda-Setting gefragt)"

Welche Formen der klassischen PR sind hier gemeint und gibt es "Storytelling" und "Agenda-Setting" auch in deutsch? Gern auch in zwei Sätzen ;-)


Ja, irgendwie liest sich die gesamte Aufgabenstellung wie eine Gebrauchsanweisung auf chinesisch... :-(

Was bedeutet "HR"? - HustenReiz? HackfleischRöllchen? HerrenRad? Hefte Raus?

keine klassische.....dann wieder klassische..... Gute Frage. :-)

HR= Human Resources :)

I'll check on the other questions!

Hackfleischröllchen! I love you Markus!

... ich glaub das heißt Hose runter... :)))))))))))))

Äh aber nochmal zum Thema: Was bedeutet "Human Resources" !?


Keine Ahnung. Schau mal hier nach:

Gestatten MSTR: Stringseniorprofessionalhumandesignsheetmusicdrillinstructor

bei weiteren Fragen Markus:


Habe die selbe Frage wie voto: Wieviel Klassik is denn nu erwünscht??

herzlichen Glückwunsch an denjenigen, der das Briefing geschrieben hat...sorry, congratulations

So guys, what's the difference

  • A classical HR campaign They are not looking for posters/ads for classical media/print media. Something like this would be a classical HR campaign.

  • PR ideas The focus should be on generating attention by creating an interesting story for people and press to write about. (story telling) Attention for this campaign should be generated trough e.g. a great event, an awesome stunt or a guerrilla campaign, not trough a poster that shows " is looking for a office manager"

Hope this helps :)

Cheers, Jeroen

many thanks Jeroen. but what's exactly "Agenda-Setting"?

ja es wäre echt nice wenn sich die Briefing-writer mit ihren associate partners vor dem brainstorming auf eine language einigen könnten. Das würde den Workflow der Community echt supporten.
Anglizismen wirken zwar echt cool sind aber meist mit attention zu behandeln, da sonst nur nonsense bei rauskommt. :)

Da geh ich voll d'accord! Ups jetzt auch noch französisch...sorry.. äh Entschuldigung!

das ist absolut right


nice one.......äh schönes ding, juliann. :-D

Dear community,

In order to judge better if ideas are on brief, and what the differences between ideas are you'll find some specific questions that should be answered if you upload/vote an idea.

(due to a bug it didn't show for the first ideas that were already submitted)

Would be great if you could answer those :)

Cheers, Jeroen

Oh man... This are difficult questions... And who check my answers? Why can not everyone read my answers? The answers would be an extension to my description...

Hey denkdifferent,

Everybody should be able to read you answers. You filled them out? I cant find them in the back-end.

Cheers, Jeroen

I filled them out and can't see them.... ?!?!

Genau. We had to deploy a fix today.

Ne tolle Firma - Die bekommen sogar ein Telefon wenn´se mit nem Kunden telefonieren müssen - TOLL................... ;-)

Manchmal löst auch ein Standortwechsel Personalprobleme.;)

Wow, this is really spooky! ;-)

Einen Tag live und schon ein paar echt gute Ansätze. Weiter so:-)

over 8 years ago

Marketing à la française

This is a very cool spot! Wow!!! What a work... :))) And what a man! ;)

Hello community!

We had a great and constructive halftime feedback with the leading communication experts of and their creative agency, Achtung. Many of your ideas contain great sparks and have great potential. What you could (and should) consider to make your ideas even better, practicle and usefull for the task tey should accomplish:

  1. Think of targeting your target group

Many of your ideas will provoke huge attention. But will it really be seen by the targeted target group? If not, think about how you could specify your idea to hit the target group where they really are, where they work, where they travel and where they meet.

The most important working fields is searching staff for are: • Front-End and Mobile-Developers • Technology Engineers • Product Managers • and (less important) SEO Managers

Possible (HR)events the target group will attend are: • Dmexco • Mobile Monday (Berlin, hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich etc.) • Mobile Business Conference • Internet world • but we are sure you can think of even other venues where the target group can be met.

  1. Think e-commerce

Most of you have great ideas to set the automotive theme in scene. Cars are one important subject of – but working at means at the first instance to work for an e-commerce company. How could this aspect be put even more into the foreground?

  1. Think cross-channel

Derriving from 1. and 2. comes the question: How could the ideas possibly work across different channels. How could e.g. a great thing that happens on the street or on an university campus be told further on the internet?

  1. Think longterm

A HR-campaign should not be a “one-hit-wonder” – it should work and develop over a certain period of time. Only like this it will build a consistand HR image for the company in the heads of their target group.

And 5. A little thank you from us here at jovoto for using the evalution questions! It makes a big difference to pick out the most important information and include it in the answers to the questions, so make sure you arn’t just lumping this vital info with the rest of your description! Thanks :-)

Thanks for this feedback. :-)

"Your idea should appeal to men and women from all over the world, who wish to work in Germany "? Where can I send my résumé?

Hi FlorinDia! What do you mean with résumé? Do you want to submit an idea? Just click on "submit idea" on the top of the briefing or in the idea overview.

a resume is called a CV in europe I believe, i would just go on their website FlorinDia.

I meant CV, but I wanted to sound... like an educated person. I browsed their website, but couldn't find the Jobs/Career Opportunities page. I was wondering what kind of people they hire, what positions they have. I "watched" their " as employer" videos, but I don't speak German and couldn't understand anything. Well, I guess I don't have the minimum requirements (speak their language) for any job they might have, do I?

all good questions...perhaps you can use this disadvantage in a new entry? How does the average qualified person respond to the job board and am I eligible? They do mention they want people from around the world but here we see it is not so easy to apply. How can you imagine the ease of application process? I see a new entry idea forming.. :)

Only now have I just read Jesse's comment and was able to see what they are looking for (Front-End and Mobile-Developers, Technology Engineers etc). Sorry for bothering you, guys, with my comments.

Hey! Just wanted to say that it's a bit strange to make a limit of characters for the answer on questions... Especially in text contest.

Hi Borhes, The questions should help to specify your idea as short and precisely as possible, therefore the numbers of characters is limited. However in the idea description above, you can use a much characters as you want to.

Sorry I have to agree with Britta. ;-)

Heads up jovotans!

Due to the technical hiccups, we are extending the project for two days so everyone can have their ideas viewed, commented and rated equally!"

Cheers, Jeroen

Thanks! If you now fix the bug that won't let me delete slides in projects (i.e. Tablet), I will be all happy again.... and I can finally enter my updates tonight. :)

It's not a bug, it's a feature! :) Just looks so weird when I have some slides double in there. where mainly all I did was change the cover or some wording/ colors....

Teaches me to not fiddle too much with my initial entry.

(P.S. Wouldn't it then make sense to get rid of the trash button? Because, you know..... my slides do disappear when I click that, even older ones.... they just reappear again.)

The trash button is only effective within the first 24 hours of uploading a can put an "OLD" slide with arrows going right and "NEW" slide with arrows going left, thats what most of us do :) at times it's very interesting to see the progression of an entry from oldest to newest. I think it's kind of a 'time stamp' though could be implemented a little better using real time stamps..

How sad.. There's almost no idea in top 20, which satisfies briefing. Bad that people here spend all their time to write a critical, very "fair" comments on other's ideas, scanning number of rates instead of working on their own propose. Almost every idea here is just classic guerilla with stickers, slogans on the cars, bike, walls etc. What about target? Storytelling? Buzz in media? International spreading... True is that usually in top we don't see the best ideas, we see the most active and crafty users. Sad.

Hey Kristina! Don't be sad! The last one AND the most important one who votes for the ideas is the client. And only HIS feedback is important! This is my opinion. So - be happy! :)))) Lovely greetings from germany!!!

I'm not that sad) Absolutely agree with you, Ramona! Only his, true. It was just a thoughts. Today I watched every idea in the contest, found only a few suitable, and you know what - none of them in top 20. Only a bunch of blah-blah comments..

You are right. To be honest, I feel guilty. My submission doesn't respect the briefing, but it's not in the top 20 as well. I took a look at your idea again. Yes, I found it interesting in the first place. There were some comments somewhere (can't remember where) and someone said that LinkedIn was not so popular in Germany. Anyway, good luck!

To FlorinDia : you don't have to be guilty since you didn't do nothing wrong...) To boscutti : yeah! Thank you. About rating.. In general I like this new system. It's all about jovotovians behavior, dirty tricks and hypocrisy.

I mean the problem isn't in the system. Every problem here comes from players.

YEAHR thx all and congratulation the other winners - sorry for the double ;O

Hahaha no doubts you are the king of the project btw a funny king

Congrats to all winners!

Congrats to all winners or not........ ;-)

Congrats to the winners!

congratulations to all winners and all participants, a nicely effort from everyone. see you in other projects guys !

Congratulations to all winners!! And all participants. Experience shows that still have a chance to sell the idea!

over 8 years ago

Congrats to all winners!

Congrats to all winners!

Congrats to all the winners!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! and all other participants! see you soon...

CONGRATS to all winners, great ideas in this contest!

Vielen Dank an euch alle, die hier so tolle Arbeiten eingereicht haben. Wir sind sehr positiv überrascht, wie viel Kreativität und Potenzial in den Konzepten steckt. Wow!

Wir werden in den kommenden Tagen innerhalb der Jury entscheiden, ob und welche Arbeit(en) wir lizensieren bzw. umsetzen möchten. Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden!

When will I get my answer? :)

Once we actually have feedback ;)

I'll check if there's any news, but as far as I know, no news yet.

ok. thank you for your answer, jeroen :)

is no longer searching good employees?

Hey there, the feedback we have so far is that, won't license any ideas this year due to internal changes. Best, Jess