Hijacked Business Cards
Business cards with benefits


A fake promotion stand on the university campus invites students and passers-by to design the ultimate business card of their dreams. For free.

A wide range of preset suggestions set the tongue-in-cheek tone: Choose from illustrious job titles like "Chief Executive Beer Annihilator", "Lead Wordplay Developer" or "Head of Bedroom Security".

After a while under sunlight, a hidden message appears on your ultimate dream business card: "The place where dream jobs get real � mobile.de". A QR-Code on the back of the card offers a shortcut to the job applications website with lots of additional informations.

On the website, the business cards work as key visual. But this time, they're about real jobs. Each one opens a job profile full of detailed information on what it is like to work at mobile.de. And if your interested, your dream business card serves as entrance card / shortcut to a guaranteed job interview.

Print shops offer 100 free business cards � when delivered, every 10th card features a surprising message:

"Another step on the job ladder! Which will be your next?"

Which problem is solved by this idea?

No matter how intriguing the message, most information materials never get a chance to actually reach their audience.

How does your idea solve the problem?

By involving the target audience creatively / encouraging them to imagine their ultimate dream future.

Which measures are necessary to realize your idea?

Prepare a fake promotion stand with special printers and business card design presets. Build a landing page with an in-depth look behind the scenes of mobile.international as workplace.

What's the benefit for the target group?

First, it's plain fun to play around with silly job titles. Then, it's a surprise effect and an easy entrance card into the world of mobile.international.

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