The BIG job
With the monster truck through Germany in search of good staff


"The BIG job" - with this motto also starts the big tour through Germany. And the employer is not to be overlooked :) The tour can start at the same time in different cities and using different vehicles (see Example Mini, Ford, bus etc). And you have right now the possibility for the interview in the large tour bus.

The idea:
PR-effective communication measure by the insertion of "Monster Trucks"

Details of the cars / the tour:
/ / Uniform Recognition orange
/ / Different vehicle models in XXL
/ / Germany-wide action
/ / Notice through posters + ads
Sensation is already excited at the arrival of the oversized cars. In a confined space, the visitor has the opportunity to obtain various information about For example:
/ / Internet terminal
/ / Job descriptions on flat screens
/ / And local staff
The tour is accompanied by a professional stunt crew at each
Venue: a 30-minute Show presents. The event space is conspicuously decorated
with banners, flags and posters from
The XXL tour bus travels to major cities and will be parked there for several hours at a suitable location (central). There may be interviews conducted locally. Announced the Job Tour
/ / Newspaper ads
/ / 18/1 posters
/ / City Lights
To draw attention and arouse their curiosity of the great action, some days before Arrival of the bus XXL large outline painted on the parking area. There could be a text like this, for example:
"The BIG job - What is your next?
In 3 days you can find it right here. "
Special Extras:
Various vehicle parts
be converted, e.g.
/ / To the grill
/ / To the sofa
/ / To the table
and used at the information booth.
Why BIG?
/ / Large Employers
/ / Large provider for passenger cars
/ / Big Job
Big cars =