Schedule your interview and take a ride to your next job!


Basic idea

mobile.interviews inside cars scheduled by the applicants.

Applicants will be able to experiment the opportunity to be interviewed during a ride around the city inside cars.

They just have to schedule their appointment interview at to settle the time and place or at the urban guerrilla mobile interview spots.

A car will pick up applicants at home, office or at any of the urban guerrilla spots that will be place around the city.

Once in the car the applicant seat will have a small teleprescence touchscreen(or iPad) for the live realtime ride interview with the HR specialist from

As an option the interviews can be recorded(the speed up breaking ice moment)for viral purposes, creating really cool mini videos that promote the campaign to generate attention.


Invitation to the main news reporters and journalist to take a mobile.interview ride to get inform about this unseen and fun way to do recruitments interviews.

Mobile Branding

All the cars used for the mobile.interviews will be branded with the logo and labeled with the type of job available e.g. Marketing, Sales, Programming, IT, Manager, etc.


As an urban guerrilla there will be mobile.interview stop spots(like bus stops) made of car seats, panels that have a touchscreen with map gps location to see where are the mobile.interview cars and how much time is left for the next turn. Applicants can schedule their appointments for a mobile.interview here as well.


People interested will be able to apply for a mobile.interview signing in into the official website.

When someone search on web browsers(e.g. google) something related with cars or jobs, animated banners will appear to link them to the official mobile.interview site. The animated banners will be also seen in jobs websites(e.g.

Social networks

Mobile.interview facebook app page to interact with people, to show the speed up short videos, to make mobile.interviews appointments and gps real time map location. A YouTube mobile.interview channel will be linked to the campaign to have fun with the videos and comments from people.


Mobile.interview user-friendly app that allows people to be part of the recruitment process(appointments, real time map gps mobile.interview car location and speed up fun videos) easily and direct on their mobile smart devices.



©Videos from youtube to explain the idea.

Which problem is solved by this idea?

Old school and boring recruitment process

How does your idea solve the problem?

Adding dynamics, innovation, interaction and entertainment within the recruitment process

Which measures are necessary to realize your idea?

Develop each part of the campaign with innovation, smart technology, user-friendly interaction and a lot of entertainment

What's the benefit for the target group?

To have fun, entertainment and interaction during a memorable recruitment process that will engage them to love the company values