UNI Bobbycar Race ? UBC-Cup
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Short description:

Moblie.de starts a bobby car race team sponsorship for students and sponsors universities from certain fields.UPDATE: mobile.de also switch campaign (Banners) on the mobile.de webpage for car crazy people who are interested. They can join a team as well. The campaign promote the event (PR)

During the competition mobile.de gets to know the potential of prospective new employees in an uninhibited environment. That's not quite a "normal" job interview.


In a job interview, the candidates are often nervous and unnatural. In addition, certain soft skills such as team spirit are hard to judge.


Moblie.de starts a bobby car race team sponsorship for students + other interested people. Invitations are given to students which suit the job description of mobile.de  E.G. Engineering, computer science, business administration.

Each teams are 5 persons and is equipped with mobile.de Bobby cars (in orange and with slogan), T-shirts, flags, etc. There will be a female quota -> min. 2 female per team

Team members must fill out a application and CV. Here is the first pre-election of mobile.de. Only interesting applicants who fit the job criteria, are permitted to race in the team. e.g.

- Students who have nearly finished their studies, and do not have a job yet

- People who are interested "Cars", "Internet",...

- Etc.


mobile.de organize a bobby-race and test the potential of the candidates. This event has two purposes. Find new staff and a great public relations.

The race:

Date of the race (or an entire racing series with 5-10 races). Up to the date the teams have enough time to prepare and to train. In the preparation phase mobile.de assist the teams with tips, online and offline (visits). Through this contact mobile.de gets to know the candidates better.

Before the race, each participant has to do theoretical test with car specific technical questions e.g.: In which years was the Golf 4 produced?

The Bobbycar-Race. It is race without engine power, on a steep road, which include two categories.

1) Original bobbycar - should not be changed

2) Tunned bobbycar - here the teams can change everything ACCEPT  the original plastic chassis.

Now teamspirit is important. Each member of the team must take part in each category = total 10 races per team. The best total time determines the winner.

At the event and the race mobile.de can make an uninhibited  picture of potential new employees, moreover, the team spirit could be observed. Interesting candidates (good CV, good test und team spirit) are asked if they are interested in a position (job) with mobile.de

Advertise the teams:

With a promotion team directly at the universities and with  A4 posters. In addition, a promotion on StudiVZ and on the website of mobile.de

The advantages:

-  Mobile.de learns the potential new employee in a casual environment and not in the unnatural environment of a job interview.

- The team spirit will be important. Only as a team you can win - just like in real life

- Mobile.de can invite students from the field of study they require new employees for.

- The event is also excellent promotional / advertising  for mobile.de. On the Bobbycar is the slogan "what will be your next?".

- Mobile.de can compare several candidates at the same time and role play real work situations.


The race / event itself is an unimportant matter for the mobile.de .  It is used more during the event to find potential new employees  "live" to see or test (questionnaire). The winner of the race does not necessarily get a job offer but the most suitable candidate. -  Of course, the "grand prize" is a job offer.

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