= Autos wie Sand am Meer & Super Jobs
Cars like sand on the sea and great Jobs, has both.


In Germany, there is the phrase "wie Sand am Meer" (engl. ...a dime a thousand). The campaign "Gute Autos gibt's wie Sand am Meer - Und gute Jobs?" (engl.: Great Cars are a dime a thousand - and Great Jobs?) is a combination of a print, online, and PR campaign. The design is similar to the CD of and thus makes sure people combine the brand campaign with the employer brand campaign and the PR event. 

During the PR campaign piles of sand with sand prepared cars on top are placed in public places of big cities, near universities, before and within exhibition halls and fairgrounds. As the PR buzz is similar to an art installation, the start is accompanied by a grand opening (like a vernissage in the art business). employees are all wearing the cool campaign shirt during the opening. The shirt is a "give-away" for people joining the PR opening, so they cannot forget the best employer in town. 

To create attention for the PR buzz, the campaign shirt could be displayed for free in universities, on fairs, even at the entrance in big shops, and in public transportation. An attention catching PR should be published in the dozens of PR portals on the internet, and should be sent to journalists of target group specific magazines & maybe also to big daily newspapers. In this way the PR campaign is getting the attention needed. 

For building the Employer Brand, the campaign poster is placed on the website, on billboards in printed form in public places, and on the target group specific fairs. Conclusion: Life is too short for desperately seeking the perfect job - Just choose it!

Which problem is solved by this idea?

In times of demographic change, the competition for the smartest people is getting harder. To appael the BEST, a competitive Employer Brand which is communicated intelligently is a strategic decision.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Combination of employer brand and PR campaign, has the potential getting a strong Employer Brand. It's uncommon and thus able to catch the attention of special people. Sharpens the brand.

Which measures are necessary to realize your idea?

Production of shirt, poster, banner which support the upcoming PR buzz. Preparation of the car and renting public space for the installation. Organizing the opening. Writing and publishing PR.

What's the benefit for the target group?

A smart Employer Brand shows, is appreciating its employees, they are the most valueable part of the company. Appreciation and recognition is more important nowadays than a huge salary.