Linked in
HR-campaign based on communication via professional networks.


Now is the new age with a special way of lifestyle. The age of Facebook, Google and eBay. Being e-commercial in practice means not only selling of products over electronic system. In nowadays it�s more complicated, e-commerce potential need to be fed by permanent online representation. Therefore, social networking is the best solution and integral part of modern e-world.

LinkedIn fits the best for this situation, because it is:

- business-related;

- well-known as the most professional platform;

- has 150 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories;

- directed on finding jobs, people and business opportunities.

1. Which problem does your idea solve?

Usually HR-campaign needs to be big and expensive if you want to find an army of professional employees. Campaign should be really big, because it�s hard to hit right in target.  Huge bunch of traditional advertisement (posters, prints, stickers, video, etc.) is lost between people who�s not interested in it, or who�s not the one you�re looking for. And the biggest problem- in result your campaign doesn�t reach the target.  My suggestion is to avoid unnecessary outlay and hit the bull�s eye (the target).

2. How does your idea solve the problem?

LinkedIn is a network for professionals, people who care about their career.  There are thousands of specialists on this platform who�s looking for a better job in certain field (group of mobile-developers, group of technology engineers, etc). They just need to know about great offer from respectable and confident company - (in fourth question there are detailed strategy). Also you will have the professionals which are interested in job on specific territory � Germany.  So I suggest a straight way from world�s professionals to Company via LinkedIn. You will have 3 filters: only professionals, certain specialty, and specific territory. 100% targeting as result.  

3. What is the added value of your idea for the target group?

Simplified system of searching for a good employer. People around the world easily could find suitable employer Company ( with 3 important  indicators: respectable company, certain specialty, and specific territory. For example: professional technology engineer from USA want to find a job in successful German Company, LinkedIn is a short and easy way for him to find a desirable job in  

4. What measures are required for the realization of your idea?

2 steps of my suggestion.

At first, creation of accomplished, highly informative company�s official page for on LinkedIn platform among the biggest companies employers around the world. This page should to be notable, look convincingly and live: all employees of should be registered in LinkedIn and connected with this page;  include qualitative content (as example info about owners, leadership, and number of employees, free vacancies and job offers, contacts, capitalization, statistic, market position, etc.), permanent refreshing of the company news. Bonus result � people would know that is Germany's largest market place for vehicles, and NOT mobile communications service provider;)

Second step - creation of groups for every specialty asked-for on  LinkedIn platform. These groups should be neutral, members of the groups shouldn�t know that created them. The name of every group should be eye-catching and respectable. The task of the groups is regular informing about news, innovations, and jobs in the German companies. For example a few groups:

- �The Best German Employers for Mobile-Developers� group;

- �Biggest companies employers for technology engineers in Germany� group;

- �Best Work in Germany for Product Managers� group;

- �German companies with the best SEO Managers� group. should provide one guerilla employee per group (ideally), who will work as moderator. He has 3 tasks:

- searching the news, useful information, and jobs in different German companies;

- filling up the group with this information and �exclusive� info from;

- regular invitations to potential new members (target group).    

Moderator�s profile information shouldn�t show any relation with 

Update of the news should be well-timed, interesting and useful. Group members need to see regular updates, life on the page. News from should be more useful and more regular. On the other hand updates from other companies in group shouldn�t attract such interest as do (as example: offline local companies, or news from companies who are looking only for German employee etc.)      

All info about on groups would include the link to official company�s page. Therefore our target group would find the straight way to

Which problem is solved by this idea?

Usual HR campaign doesn't reach the target. More in description.

Which measures are necessary to realize your idea?

A few steps in description.

What's the benefit for the target group?

Simplified system of searching for a good employer. More in description.