key to your next job
USB stick in the shape of a car key, containing information about and the job recruitment.


USB memory stick would be given away in stands placed in HR events or close to the recruitment places (ex. Universities or Job Fairs). These USB's would contain useful information about and the vacancies available.


The key(USB) will be sent to the main news reporters and journalist. This pendrive will contain very important and relevant info that will inform them about the HR jobs campaign and the company values as well.

Urban Spaces

Vending Machines full of keys  installed around the main cities in strategic spots.

Interested people will be able to take one of those but first they will have to interact via twitter to receive the code that will allow them to use the vending machine to take the key.

The keys will be classified by type of job is looking for (e.g. Sales, IT, etc).


People interest will just have to tweet the hashtag #keytosuccess and immediately they will receive the code needed for the vending. Finally they can go and take one of the keys(USB) to start their appliance.

The key to your next job!



Which problem is solved by this idea?

People do not know about the recruitment.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Spreads the information about the vacancies and gives an extra value.

Which measures are necessary to realize your idea?

Production of the USB memory sticks and a small stand to place in HR events.

What's the benefit for the target group?

USB sticks are always useful. Plus, their content would direct the potential employees to the web page and vacancies. is giving away something useful.