The Hiring Game
The Hiring Game


At an internet developer conference , a beautiful HR director of mobile DE  will present our version of a popular TV game show before a live audience.   In each segment, a manager will ask a group of prescreened potential employees questions around the theme  "life is too short.... for just a few cars!  Their creative answers will help the manager select the next one....  the lucky winner receives a paid trial employment at  This event can be repeated at all the important trade gatherings.   Because of the random personalities involved, each show would be fresh and different.  A gameshow style of interview has plenty of comedy potential and entertainment value and video can be streamed live on the website and funny moments can be spread viral over youtube to bring people to the website.

The "dating game" format is very appropriate to proper hiring practice, because the prospective employer has a chance to judge the personality fit of the applicant without the standard criteria like physical appearance, educational background, or salary history.  In the end, the future  team needs to have a natural chemistry and working dynamic that will be inspiring for everyone.  No amount of prior experience can substitute for that.

Excerpt from the original Dating Game show:

Which problem is solved by this idea?

education, and prior experience do not guarantee a good employee match. there should be a way to offer equal opportunities to all candidates.

How does your idea solve the problem?

because the employer side will be blind to traditional criteria like physical appearance and experience, selection can be based on personal chemistry and mutually inspiring working dynamics.

Which measures are necessary to realize your idea?

we will enact the show live at an internet developer conference or other major trade gathering.