Direct Target
Direct Target


Simple and straightforward. Spare arrows will be stuck on the window cars in parking areas (university or office, etc.). They will have attached a post "Wanted", with details of the campaign. There will be also a QR code that will send the person concerned, direct to the appropriate link campaign.
By subway or street will occur during the campaign, serious people in suits, with fake arrows, stuck in the back. There may exist a message: "Hired, Who will be the next one?" or "Hired, You will be the next one!" to fit in with the current claim "Dein ist Nächster Welcher" ("Which one is your next one?").
Also, to attract potential employees online, there will be interactive advertisements in magazines, websites for car enthusiasts. Suddenly, mouse arrow will be transformed into the arrow as shown above, and the potential employee will have to shoot to the one of the jobs offered. Then he will be directed to the web address with job offers.

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