Your Swiss Army Knife 2020

Create an exciting new design for next year’s Classic Limited Edition: Sports of the World!

€38,000prize pool

Create an exciting new design for next year’s Classic Limited Edition: Sports of the World!


The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is one of Switzerland’s most iconic and famous products. Most people are familiar with the classic red design of the pocket knife known for its quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design, which bears the unmistakable Victorinox Cross&Shield. In 1884 Karl Elsener opened his first cutlery workshop in Ibach, Switzerland. The name Victorinox is an homage to his mother Victoria combined with the name of the product’s main material: stainless steel, also known as “Inox”. In 1891 Victorinox delivered their first major order of soldier’s knives to the Swiss Army. The Victorinox corporate film introduces you to the secrets of the successful Victorinox company and their famous Swiss Army Knife.

The Classic Limited Edition

Since 2010, Victorinox has been producing an annual Limited Edition of its small 58 mm Classic pocket knife. The Classic Limited Edition has quickly become a popular item and impulse buy all over the world: either as a small gift or a collector’s item. Check out the Classic Limited Edition 2019 on the Victorinox website.

Be part of the design and decision-making process!

Eight years ago, the company decided to open up the design process for the annual Classic Limited Edition to all designers and Victorinox fans worldwide. And they are now giving you another chance:

  • Submit your personal and original design proposal for the next Limited Edition!
  • Comment on the designs of other participants, motivate them and help them to make their work better.
  • Vote on your favorite design after the submission phase.

In addition to the community voting on jovoto, the Victorinox jury will pick a shortlist of ideas to go into a global voting that will be announced on the Victorinox website, their social media channels and also on jovoto. You and all other Victorinox fans will be given the chance to decide which 10 designs will be produced in 2020 and made available to purchase around the globe.

To make this a truly global design-project Victorinox sets up a parallel contest on the Chinese platform Huaban. A maximum of 3 client favorites from the Huaban-project will be added to the 30 client shortlist winners in this project after submission ends. The final ten winners will be selected in a global public voting on the Victorinox website.

Creative challenge & goal

The annual Limited Edition of the classic pocket knife is a popular collector’s item and gift all around the world. The fresh and new designs of the Classic Limited Edition 2020 should once again increase the impulse buys and strengthen the Victorinox brand and its reputation of being creative, functional and appealing.


Victorinox – creator of the world famous iconic Swiss Army Knife – challenges you to design the pocket knife for the Classic Limited Edition 2020. The exciting theme of this year’s global design challenge is: Sports of the World!

The stage for your unique design idea is the cellidor scale of the small 58mm Classic pocket knife. Choose from the Project Kit one of the seven available colours as a canvas for your art work: 

The front side of the knife – with the Victorinox Cross&Shield logo – is what catches the customer’s eye in the store. Nonetheless use both sides to show the almost unlimited world of sports and express its emotion, excitement, fascination and joy.

Your design can feature anything

  • from a popular global sport to a niche discipline that is only played in your country
  • from an individual sports discipline to team sports
  • from physical equipment to emotional aspects of sports

as long as your design unmistakably shows the world of sports.

Just as the Victorinox brand itself your design should be creative, iconic, emotional and original.

Target Group

  • The Classic Limited Edition has a broad, multicultural and global fanbase: Men and women, mostly between the age of 20 and 50, love this this unique product that is sold worldwide.
  • The Victorinox Limited Edition knives are purchased as affordable presents, souvenirs and collectibles.
    • In most cases the buying decision is based on impulse, so a spontaneous positive reaction to your design is key.

Helpful Tips

  • The main focus is on the knife’s front-side with the logo, as this side will face and attract people in the store.
  • Don’t include tiny details that are difficult to recognize on the small 58x14mm surface of the knife.
  • Your design will stand out more if it fits in with the typical shape – rounded on both ends – of the Swiss Army Knife.
  • In addition to plain white there are six other colors of the cellidor scale that you can build your design upon. Find them in the Project Kit.
  • There are many ways to showcase a specific sport. For example: If you choose “soccer” this does not restrict others from submitting their individual interpretation of this sport.

Helpful Links

How to submit

1. Submit your design

  • Check the Idea Template to see what your submission will have to contain (text, image and image size)
  • Pick the color base for your knife from the seven available, and use the corresponding canvas provided to you in the "Project Kit" showing the front and back sides of your design on a plain white background. Apply your design on this canvas. Please do NOT change the white background of the image (no effects, no color etc.).
  • Upload and publish your idea in a finalized and ready to print quality.
  • You are allowed to upload up to 5 fully worked out ideas.
  • Please upload only one (new) design per submission.
  • Only submit designs that are genuinely created by YOU. (see "Original work only" section below)

2. Required file format

If your idea is chosen to be licensed by the client, these are the two file formats you will need to supply us with:

  • PDF format in high resolution (300 dpi)
  • Open-layered file format (if possible vector-based)

3. Submit a statement about yourself and your work

  • Please write a short statement (around 80 words) about you and your design - so we can learn more about you - and enter it into the upload form.
  • Your statement could be used by jovoto and Victorinox for social media posts or others.

Here’s an example text: “Hi! My name is ___ and I am ____ (age). I live in (country, city). I’ve been working as a designer for ___ (years). I created this design for Victorinox because I think ______(what you think works best about your design – color, idea, style, trend etc.).”

4. Complete your profile

Please make sure you’ve filled out your country of origin in your profile. It’s important that the Victorinox team understands the cultural background of your design.


Original work only

To ensure Victorinox can consider your design for global voting and potential production, only submit designs that are your original work. This means that third party materials must be excluded from your design (i.e. stock material, Creative Commons material etc.)

Inspiration material is legitimate as long as it is just that – for inspiration. This means that slight changes to the original, or retracing stock material with your own vectors – does not count as original work. If you are unsure, ask yourself "if the originator of the source saw it - would he or she immediately recognize their work, and would he or she be able to take legal steps?” If the answer is ‘yes’, then you must not use it.

Read all about original work and how to use inspiration material in order to create original work here “What is original work?” and in this blogpost. For more visit the jovoto Support Center.

During the Refinement Phase, it is possible to make minor adjustments to your designs to ensure original work. However, the closer your design already is to being 100% original, the more chances that it gets picked for the Client Shortlist.

Copyrighted brands

Please note that some very iconic sports and/or sports gear is copyrighted and cannot be used commercially. Especially do not use any sports BRANDS (i.e. Adidas, Nike, Real Madrid C.F., HC Davos) in your designs.

Please be aware that even logos of smaller sports clubs may be copyrighted even if they are not a trademark. Furthermore, please respect the personal rights of famous as well as local athletes and do not depict them in your designs. Be aware that even the brands of smaller sports clubs may be copyrighted even if they are not a trademark. Furthermore, please respect the personal rights of famous as well as local athletes and do not depict them in your designs.

Make your design ready for production

  • You must show the front and back sides of your design idea.
  • You only need to create a visual for the scales of the Classic 58mm pocket knife.
  • Your design will be printed on the scales, which are non-transparent and come in the basic colors of red, white, black, blue, yellow, light pink and green (see Project Kit).
  • It must be technically possible to produce your design suggestions. An expert team from Victorinox will test the feasibility and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Use of the Victorinox logo: the position, size and shape of the Victorinox logo on the knife may not be changed.

What you should NOT submit

  • In this project, we are NOT looking for alternative shapes, functions or materials for the cellidor scales.
  • Please do not submit design series, but just ONE idea per submission.
  • Designs that were already submitted in one of the previous Victorinox Limited Edition design challenges will NOT be taken into consideration for this project.
  • Designs with any of the following elements will be removed from the project
    • Weapons
    • Skulls, crossbones and blood
    • Sexist insinuations and any kind of nudity
    • Anything that glorifies violence, hatred or racism
    • Anything that disregards the dignity of animals or of humans
    • Anything with a political or religious statement

Legal Overview

Here is a brief overview of what is particularly important to be aware of:

1. When entering an idea for a project, jovoto as well as the client, may display, share and print it for evaluation or presentational purposes.

2. There is a six month exclusivity period:

  • in which you may publish and share your idea on other websites or social media and ensure it is clearly labelled as a submission created on jovoto.
  • in which you ensure that the client is able to exclusively license your design.
    • after which you may offer your submission to others and publicly display it (without the client logo).

3. If your design gets selected for the Client’s Shortlist, please ensure to provide an original final design.

4. When uploading an idea you agree to jovoto's general terms of use as well as the specific project terms (see under the brief).

5. The project terms clarify rights for your upload as well as the details that go into effect if and when you are informed that the client wishes to license your design.

6. Please carefully check and review your submission before uploading it - it can only be deleted within 24 hours.

7. This is a project with further provisions. Please check out the project terms paragraph 6.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.

Halftime Feedback

Dear Creatives of the World,

In the name of Victorinox we send a Big Thank You to all of you that have participated in this challenge so far. The variety of your ideas is fabulous

  • in terms of different and very personal design-styles ranging from minimal to opulent
  • in terms of different sports-disciplines that range from very popular to very niche sports, from international to local sports, from competitive to leisure sports
  • in terms of the different sport-stories your designs speak in a humorous sometimes in a heroic tonality

Apart from the individual feedback given to your ideas by the Experts and the Guide in this project, here come some important statements from Victorinox that will help you

  • to polish your existing ideas
  • to create even more ideas that hit the nail on the head

Front side = Main side

Remember that the knives are displayed in stores all over the world with the front-side facing the customer. The front side of the knife has to tell the whole story as most people will not bother turning the knife around if the front side is not clear and appealing to them.

Don’t be too abstract

Abstraction can be a very artistic way to express your personal design-style. But abstraction  in this context only makes sense as long as everyone can recognize the sport-discipline you want to express.

Don’t overload your design

As the design surface on the scales of the Classic Limited Edition knives is very small it is a promising design-strategy to concentrate on showing one or two specific elements. It is not necessary to fill up every square millimeter with colours or design elements. Give your designs some “room to breathe.” Also the reduction of colours to one or two can help to create an iconic design.

Use all scale colours

There are seven different knife colours available that you can base your design upon. Explore how your design elements can take advantage of those strong background colours. The less you overload your design the more the background colours can unfold their effect.

Design versus Text

The design of your knife must be self-explanatory. Of course you can use text-elements to pimp your design, but always make the check for yourself: Is my design clear also without any additional text-information on the knife?

Target group

Keep in mind that your design should appeal to everyone out there in the world that is why it should appeal to the masses (e.g. tourists) and not only to a niche group of design-enthusiasts.

At the same time always consider that the age of the main target group is between 20 and 50 years old. That is why your design should not be too childlike.

Idea description

Please always fill out the “Solution” field in the upload template to let Victorinox know

  • who you are
  • where you come from
  • what your idea is

Original work only

If you have used third party material to sketch and to test your design in a first phase, make sure by the end of the submission phase all third party material is replaced by your own and original artwork. It would be a pity if a great design-idea has to be excluded from the winner’s list because it uses - even small-  copyrighted design elements.

We hope this feedback helps you to polish your ideas or even inspires you to submit additional ideas. Check out the Victorinox Facebook page where they regularly publish their “pick of the week”. Submission phase ends on May 31st 10AM Central Europe Time.

All the Best from Berlin,

Your Project Experts

Matthias and Conradin


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Dear Creatives of the World,

This is Diana, your Creative Guide. Welcome to the 9th Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Limited Edition Challenge and to this year’s theme – Sports of the World!

We are happy you found your way here, but before you start, please...First put your pencil down! I mean it. ;) And now:

1 Read the brief (two/three times - not kidding!) and download the Project Kit (from the Download section in the brief LINK).

2 Read the Idea Template  – as this is what you will need to upload and how your submission should look like.

3 Pick the color base for your knife from the seven available scales in the Project Kit (named ‘canvas’) to apply your design to.
This range of colors will give you loads of aesthetic and creative possibilities. Please do NOT change the white background of the image (no effects, no color etc.).

4 Read again the part about original work in the brief! (including “What is original work?”)
Very close attention will be paid to original creative work. We have to stress this from the very start. So please check out and read this important feature on the subject before you start creating and submitting your designs.
This means NO third party material is allowed in your submissions. If you use third party material, your design will not be eligible for shortlisting or licensing. In the idea upload it is therefore expected that you check “no third party material” (since you haven’t used any).

Over the course of the next five weeks I will be channeling to you feedback, including both client and expert feedback. Our experts are Conradin and Matthias from Open Creation Consulting who have decades of design knowledge to put at work for you.

Looking forward to your iconic and original designs. If you have any questions simply send me a private message or ask me here.
Let’s get started!

how to submit a design?

Hey Fuziya, unfortunately you cannot submit anymore since May 31st (4pm, CET Berlin time). But you can participate next year. ;)

We've just started and we already have so many designs coming in. Exciting! I have noticed that most of you have used last year's canvas (knife templates). This year we have new ones. So, please use the new canvas for your ideas. If you've uploaded already, please update your idea. Otherwise Victorinox cannot use them, as the designs will not be visually comparable.
Thank you,

Dear Creatives,

One last thing for today. Promised. ;)
Since the client is looking at your design as of the second you upload it, and since it might get used for their social media activities as soon as that, they would like to ask you to please fill out the description as soon as you upload the design. Without a full description they cannot use your design, nor can they (or me or our experts) offer real feedback.

Don’t miss your chance, publish a complete submission from the first moment. That includes using the correct (this year's) canvas (as mentioned in my previous comment).

All the best from Berlin,

Hi Diana,

Mentioned in the brief: "You are allowed to upload up to 5 fully worked out ideas."

But up to 10 ideas are allowed in the submission section.

which is correct?

Dear Hicham, thank you for pointing that out. It's fixed to five now. Good luck & have fun.

Great to see such a cool action on the platform again:)

Hello Diana, where can I download the project kit from? All the links from the brief redirect me to a page that shows the following message: "The page you were looking for doesn't exist." Thank you

Hi Dan, welcome to this design challenge. Probably your browser does not support direct download. No problem. Go to the Downloads section in the brief, then click right and choose "Save link as..". Please let me know if it worked or if you are still having troubles with this.

I managed to download it. Thank you, Diana!

One weekend.. sixty design submissions! That's going strong. We like it.
If your sport is LOCAL, I would like to ask everyone to write the name of the country in the Idea Name (title of your idea) so that the client can easily see what sport is local and where it is from. For instance:
"Upside down x-ball MEXICO", "Timeless soccer BELARUS" etc.

Thank you for that and a big hug from Berlin to everyone,

Hi Diana, should we write the name of the country where the designer live into the idea name? Because most sports are known all over the world - so which country should I write for example behind "Martial Arts"?

Thank you for your question, dear DENKdifferent. Write the name of the country in the title ONLY if it is a local, usually unknown sport.

If it is a global sport, then no need to write the country.

Thanks dear Diana! Have a wonderful day and tomorrow a nice 1. of May ;) Sunny greetings to Berlin from Remchingen! Ramona

Mind sports – Are they ok for this project? No (except for chess).
According to wiki mind sports usually are “board games, chess and card games, and also other disciplines such as are speed reading, eSports (video game-based competitions), computer programming and cybersecurity wargames.”

PS: We've just reached 100 ideas! Keep going.

I was just working on a chess set. :)

Can anyone solve my conundrum ? I have a question, everyone is saying to mind the edges of the knife because our design isn't getting printed on the edges...that's because due to manufacturing, printing is not possible around the edges of the knife...BUT my Swiss army knifes special edition are indeed printed on the edges

Dear Cin, I hope you've had a great weekend! I am not sure I understand your question "my Swiss army knifes special edition are indeed printed on the edges". Which knives exactly? You can also write me a PM (private message) as the back and forth there is easier. :)

Keep your eyes on the Victorinox Facebook page as your design might be featured by Victorinox.
HERE are their last week's featured designs, and HERE are this week's featured designs. Well done! And keep going! ;D

Hello Diana, I have a question about third party material. If I choose to use a font which is a part of design software(adobe illustrator) It is also a third party? Thanks.

Fonts are ok, as long as you mention them as third party, and as long the client can purchase it, or it is free for commercial use. And it doesn't cost way too much, so within some limits of affordability. :)

Hi Diana, are hand drawn submissions allowed? As I see most people are graphic designers using some sort of soft ware

Hey U_7, hand drawn submissions are fully allowed. ;)

Hey Diana, just asking, since I will be drawing my ideas, it will be a problem for me to click a picture and resize the pixels which will probably blur my illustration. Is maintaining the size absolutely important? As I don't see a way out here :-(

Hi Upsana,

Unfortunately, you'll have to stick to the size of the knife. It will be necessary to make the ideas comparable but also, when it comes to printing the design, should one of your submissions win.

Maybe you could do your drawing directly on a blank version of the knife and go from there?

Hey Diana! Just like the above i also am interested in drawing my ideas on the canvas. Would it be fine if i make a color print of the knives from the kit and draw my idea on it and then scan them for submission?

Dear Hamza, thank you for your question. It's okay to make your design /illustrate it/ draw it by hand. However your working process needs to be in this case: Illustrate it on paper > Scan it at the highest quality possible (as if your design gets picked the client has to actually manufacture the knife design based on your scan) > Open the canvas in Photoshop or a similar software of your choice > Apply your scanned drawing onto the canvas > save and upload on jovoto.

Please let me know if there is anything unclear. I will be more than happy to help.
Have fun with it,

Hi diana, i´d like to know if an ancient but local sport that is sort of active could be considered for this contest or does it has to be a fully active sport?

Hey Jailinne, it mustn't be an active sport. As long as it is clear that it is a sport and people from all of the world can recognize what is happening in that sport (without explanatory text on the knife, as the visual should first and foremost stand on its own), then you're submission will be on point.

Hi Diana, when is the final submission for this contest, May 16 or May 31? thanks.

Dear Jati, it's May 31st at 10 am (CET, Berlin time).

This a repost: Mind sports – Are they ok for this project? No (except for chess).
According to wiki mind sports usually are “board games, chess and card games, and also other disciplines such as are speed reading, eSports (video game-based competitions), computer programming and cybersecurity wargames.”

Hi Diana, I know on the brief it says that no depictions of weapons are allowed on the designs, but what about for sports like fencing or Historical European Martial Arts (which use sword and shield), are we allowed to depict sports like those?

That's a very good question, Filipe. There is a clear difference between a weapon that is meant to kill or harm someone and sports 'weapons' that are used as equipment to perform the sport. Sport 'weapons' are therefore ok as long as they do not truly and aggressively harm any human or animal. So no designs of, for instance, dog or cock fights, gladiator fights etc. The ones mentioned by you are therefore ok. ;)

Dear Sports Creatives of the World,

I am here with exciting news. We are half through this awesome design challenge, and our two experts (Matthias and Conradin) talked to the client about your submitted designs and prepared for you a well condensed, super helpful feedback.

Before you read it: a BIG THANK YOU to you all, for the diversity and beauty of the designs so far, and of your personal stories.

Read the Halftime Feedback HERE and use it to update your designs or create new ones.

We are all looking forward to all the upcoming work coming our way in this second half of the project.
Have fun & be creative,

Hi, just one question, can it be horizontal or vertical design? Or it doesn't matter? Thanks, Miki

Hey Miki, it doesn't matter. The advice I can give you is to make clever use of the shape of the knife, by integrating it into your design. A simple example is that for instance a person is climbing a wall, it makes sense that the wall is a vertical design. As if the person is climbing on the edge of the knife. ;)
Good luck & remember to have fun!


Hello Diana I’m so sorry but I haven’t submitted my design in the propper way. Van you help me how to do that? Thank you so much! Greetings Yon

Dear Yon, best is if you write me a PM (private message) with how I can help you. ;)

Keep creating and submitting, and your design might be featured by Victorinox as their "Pick of the Week" on Facebook. Here and here you can check out the latest Picks!

Dear Creatives,

Just in case anyone still has questions about printing on the knife edges - yes or no and why - here is the clarification.
Regarding the printing of the design on the Swiss classic knife, depending on the manufacturing technique (which can only be decided case by case just before manufacturing), the design on the edges of the knife and around the knife element at the bottom - might be cut. You can see that for instance here.

So, should you design on the edges? If you choose not to, all good, then you are prepared for the case of the edges being cut off. If you choose yes, then it is wise to make sure that important design details don't touch the edges of the plastic shell - just in case they get cut off.

No rocket science here. Super simple and clear. ;)
Please let me know though if you have any questions still.

Oopps. This "be careful about the edges" or "stay off the edges" update from the Client would have been a lot more timely if it came earlier in the contest, and not 1 week after halftime feedback. I can see how printing on the edge might increase the manufacturing costs, but why go cutting corners (literally and figuratively) on a "limited edition" product that's aimed at Victorinox fans :-)

Diana, is the client open to using its own graphics team for resizing any designs in case printing on the edges is not possible? Or, if needed, will it reach out to winning contestants and ask for a redo?


Dear Sarkar, thank you for your thoughts. Being careful with the edges has always been mentioned in all nine Victorinox projects. It is nothing new!
The guide has always checked (including me in this project) each published idea from this perspective as well and mentioned to the creative if they should move the details from the edges.

Nothing new. Nothing that was overlooked.

Regarding your second question, yes, small adjustments as such can be done later if needed.

Looking at the "Pick of the Week", i wonder why the client picked these selection? Are these picks will be the favorite for final phase of voting?

hi diana , may i ask about the size of my design ? .. i downloaded the project kit but there wasn't a mock up in it ... i just want to know the size and unit used in the design .

Hi Heba,

The Project Kit has the blank canvases in different colors as well as a PDF with the scale measurements.

I hope that helps!

hello please how can i upload my idea here ?

Hi Hachem,

You can upload your design by clicking on Submit Idea. Simply go through the idea upload process and upload your design.

Dear creatives,

Thank you all so much for your great submissions so far!
We have received multiple requests from you to increase the submission limit from 5 to 10 ideas per creative and we're happy to announce:

The idea limit has been raised to 10 ideas per person!

That means that you don't have to hold back your amazing ideas but you can now submit them all!

We're also entering the home stretch of this project. There are a bit more than 4 days left to submit your designs!

Submission ends on May 31, 2019 at 10:00 AM Berlin time!*

10:00 AM Berlin time? Oh man, I was hoping it would end a bit later. I'm a bit late to the party and there's no chance I'd be finished so early. Anyway, seen some cool designs. Good work people!

Dear creatives,

We're about the enter the home stretch for this year's "Your Swiss Army Knife" project!


Share your designs and join the ranks of our amazing creatives that have already submitted their outstanding creations.

Have fun an be creative!

Good morning Diana! If the project ends at 10:00 am, why I am seeing people still uploading ideas?

Hi Pavlina,

We have decided to give everyone a little leeway and added a few more hours to the project. Submission will now close at 4PM CEST today.

Dear creatives,

The project will soon come to its end. It is amazing how many stunning sportive designs have been submitted this year.

Submission will close in 5 hours - at 4PM CEST!

Please note that ideas that are off brief, have their design applied to the wrong or no canvas or are using copyrighted material (e.g. famous players or the Olympic rings) will be removed before the voting starts.
Please make sure to double check your designs, especially if it has been pointed out to you that there are issues with your design.

We're really excited about the great amount of beautiful designs that you have created and we're looking forward to see who'll be this years winners! :-)

When does the ending time change? And why we didn't know it before? If I knew it, I would finish my last design!

At Victorinox FB, they posted that the project ends. I believe that it would be fairer to know it since yesterday.

Hi Pavlina,

Sorry about the confusion! This was a last minute decision to allow the participants to finish their designs and submit them.

We would have communicated this earlier but the last minute nature of this decision didn't really allow for it.


Yes, the end of the project deserves some critics, imo: 1. to raise the limit for the last few days, very very late.... 2. to extend the submission period in the last hours?!....

Dear creatives,

thank you all SO MUCH for your amazing work! The submission phase has ended now and the voting has started.

We're excited to see which of the great designs in this year's project are going to come out on top.

Best of luck to all of you!

Hi Diana, thank you for guiding in this project :) I noticed, that there is no option to sort by "unrated" submissions. It would be cool, if it will be possible to blend out all of rated designs. Than I know, how much "klicks" I still have to do. ;)

Yes, rating will become more comfortable with sorting "unrated" submissions, especially in project with that many ideas ;)

Thank you, Diana, for guiding this project! Very good job, commenting on all ideas, so helpful, imo!

Agree! "Unrated" option is much needed during the rating process! Without it, more mind work to remember where did i pause rating yesterday!

Thank you for your effort and interest to rate all or as many ideas as possible. This option exists. Simply go to the idea page click on "published" and more filters will open - one of them being "unrated". Click on that and then you will be able to see all the ideas which were not rated by you. ;)

Why nobody didn't create a real bodybuilding or calisthenics? x) A perfect body is nowday one of the biggest symbols of sport :)

Just went through all of the submissions, it's been so cool seeing all of your creativity come to play for the designs! Best of luck to you all! :)

Wish can have an extended time ..

Diana I’d like to compliment you for your work as guide of this project. You did a great job!

Hey Diana, I submitted my idea sahead of time and now it seems to have been deleted from my profile. Is there anything that can be done?

Dear Upsana, I will be in touch via PM (private message).

So many great works here. I couldn’t be able to check “Scuba Diver” by Vanessa Wee. It seems its image is lost. Someone else has experienced the same with this one?

Thank you Iván for noticing that. It's fixed now. Good luck, Vanessa.

Happy to help, Diana. I recently noticed the same with E-sports by Kai Kammers. Dragon boat 55 by Shi Yui Sam Sham seems to be doubled.

Thank you, Ivan. On it.

Hello, Diana & other Creatives! One thing i find out during rating : There are several submissions is repeated, with a very small and minor changes, like colors, arrangement of elements ... It show more like a developments rather a complete new idea. How do you guy/lady rate on these ideas anyway???

Dear Lee, thank you for pointing that out. Color variations or really small design detail variations are not enough for a submission to stand on its own. Today I have messaged around a dozen creatives and by the end of tomorrow the designs that are double or not unique enough will be removed. I hope I don't miss any. If I do please let me know, not later than the Rating Only period ends. ;)

To Diana & all the Jovoto Team, thank you for all the hard work! I know during this Rating Only period, you & your teams have a lot of works to do, still wishing the best & keep it up! .

There are projects based on a copy of the concept of others, but in general there are many good projects, Thanks to all and good luck, thanks to Victorinox, thanks to Jovoto and Diana, it was a very fun topic of work.

Hai, Diana! As i rate deeper down the pages, i also notice a few missing images for some submission. Any idea what happened to these submission?

There are one or two submissions as such we are looking into it at the moment. One is already fixed. Thanks, Lee.

Dear Jovoto crew and all designers, I wish to thanks you all for your response, help, time and help in this project! This is my first project here and I have really enjoyed! Wishing good luck to all!

Hi Diana, quick question: Is posting a "statement" a major requirement for our design to be eligible? I can't change my initial description anymore, so should I just add my statement in the comment section? Thanks for your work Diana! And best of luck to everyone!

Hey nosukis, it is always the best to prepare a full submission from the moment you publish it. Unfortunately the statement cannot be edited or changed anymore. Try to leave a comment under your idea. I cannot promise you that the client will pick up on it (find it) if they need it. But you can try. ;)


Rated some designs and not sure what designs are left for you to rate? Simply go to the idea overview page and click on the "Published" filter. Then from the drop down menu click on "Unrated". That's it. Be fair.

Jep, did it! Just voted for all the designs. It was a lot, but now I see for how much I voted :D So good luck to you all. I'm super excited!


Ratings received so far: 20k. Wow! Keep going! 18 hours left to rate.

Hi Diana, until when is the victorinox contest?

Hi Sidi Lio, the rating closes in 17 minutes.

Dear Creatives of the World,

The Rating Only Period has just ended, and I’d like to first thank you ALL for the 639 ideas, 22700 ratings and 12555 comments!
That’s an impressive participation from everyone for this eighth Victorinox limited edition on jovoto.

Now it is our turn to do Rating Monitoring (check for rating fairness and annul ratings that appear to be unfair) and then award the first winners: the Community Awards. Exciting!

Stay tuned! ;) Diana

Dear Diana , In my profile it says “This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score”… Why am I seeing this banner?

Hi Aylin, thank you for your question. I will reply to your PM (personal message).

Dear Victorinox 2020 Limited Edition Creatives,

We are proud to announce the first winners of the design challenge.
Here are the ten Community Award winners, as voted by you out of 629 designs and after monitoring:

Rank 1 Jump! Once Upon A Time in Rhodes by joyleen
Rank 2 Cycling Into the Wind by Gustavo Moncada
Rank 3 Duuude Hunting Waves by Iván Santiago
Rank 4 Polo - The Sport of Kings by Sapto Cahyono
Rank 5 Surfing by Cezara-Iuliana Susanu
Rank 6 I Am Sailing to Be Free by Pavlina K
Rank 7 Karate Knife by SQUIRREL GRAPHICS
Rank 8 Sports For Everybody by team Wasaki & Endgork Moroldo
Rank 9 Be Strong! by demonietto
Rank 10 The Champion by Raffaele Mollica

Gorgeous designs, each and every one of them. Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who took the time to rate & leave helpful feedback on ideas.

Next is the announcement of the 30 Shortlist Winners plus a maximum of 3 client favorites from the Chinese Huaban project, which will go into the global voting on the Victorinox website. It is good to have patience as the shortlisted designs will be announced around mid-end of August.

For those of you who have submitted ideas - please make sure to add your email and phone number to your jovoto profile AND check your emails (incl. spam) and PMs regularly for messages from us. We might contact you in the meanwhile if the client needs anything during the process.

That’s it for now. CONGRATULATIONS once again!

Congratulations community.

Congratulations to all community winners!

Congratulations to all winners and all community for such a wonderful work!! Thank you so much for all community support! It is a big suprise for me;))

Big congrats to all winners :))

Congratulations winners! Outstanding designs

Congratulations to all winners!

Congrats to all!

Congratulations to all the community prizes winners! Most of the other designs were also great so congratulations to everybody else too for the artwork illustrations created!

Good luck guys also with the client price;)

Congratulation for all the community prices winers from me too :)

Congratulation winners :D

Congrats boys & girls! :D

Big congrats to all winners and all participants!

Congratulations to all, and good luck!:)

Congrats everyone!!!

Congratulations to all winners and participants! It was pleasure to see so many great ideas here! :)

Big congrats to all the winners. Amazing work!

Congratulations to all winners! It was a wonderful competition , great ideas. Good luck to all for shortlist phase!

Congratulations to all the community winners! there are very good works!


Congrats to the winners and to all creatives who submitted here. There are lot of great work left that will be chosen by the client for sure. Good luck mates! Thanks to Diana for dealing with all of us.

Congrats to the winners and to all creatives!!. Good luck with the customer's choice

Congrats to the winners, great job :D, good luck to everyone for the rest!! :)

Congrats to all winners!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! ;)

Huge congrats to all the community winners, this contest is full of high quality. Diana, Thanks a lot for your guidance Let’s go for more ;)

Congrats to all the winners!

Congrats to participants also as this contest had so many amazing ideas. Good luck to all for the client choices!)

So many good entries in the contest. Good job, everyone. And good luck for the shortlist phase.

Congratulations to the winners! Great quality of proposals. Thank you very much Diana for the advice to the community! :)

Big Congratulations to everybody, winners and so many others excellent designs that are out the list!... it was a pleasure to share this cool creative challenge with all you people, Thank you!!

Congratulations all! I wish u all luck for the client choices!

Congratulations community.

Dear Creatives,

This is a quick message just to let you know that from now on your messages and questions can go directly to my awesome colleague, Timo. He will also make the next announcements here. (Thank you, Timo!). As I, after many beautiful and exciting years, will be following my next challenge outside jovoto. Much love to you all, and good luck with your great designs!


It's sad, but still... The best of luck with your new goals, Diana! Reach them all;) And thank you for being a great guide:)

Miss you already! :( :((((( You have been an excellent guide for all of us and a great person! You have been very helpful, and always there for us! I wish you the very best in your life after Jovoto!

Wish you all the best Diana!! Thank you for all beautiful and great things you have shared here..

Hey, Diana. It’s sad to read this news. On the other hand, we hope you can reach your new goals. I still remember the first project we worked with you four years ago “Brand the fold”. Thanks for sharing with us and wish you all the best =)

Oh Diana :( we will miss you a lot! I wish all the best always!! thanks for your outstanding guidance all this years!!

I wish all the best and thank you for being always helpful and ready to share your knowledge!

Thanks for your help during this period

ooooo my I just realize you are going to leave for a new journey ;-((((( oooo you will be so so missed but I'm sure you will have an wonderfull future ahead..... lot's of kisses jo

Thanks for everything, Diana!!! Good luck in your next challenge!

Thanks Diana, and good luck :)

OMG! This can not be ;( Dear Diana Thanks a lot for all your words, feedbacks and accurated guidance, I´m going to miss you but I wish you the BEST of luck in your next challenge, May God bless you always! Warm hugs from Mexico ;)

Thanks Diana, and good luck :)

We will miss you, Diana :( Thanks Diana, and good luck! :)))

Hi Timo :) I AM SOOO CURIOUS! Can you give us a short info under the brief on that day, when you inform all client choices? I think we all will hold on our breath and keep an eye on our inbox ;)

We're hopeful that we can give you an update by the end of next week.
We will update you as soon as we have the info! :)

Thank you for your patience.

Dear creatives!

I'm happy to announce the winners for the Client Shortlist Awards today!

Here are the winners:
Ride the waves by saskiakristina
Football World by wycich83
Jump into the water and swim by headmunk
Ski by tommasoballadore
Scuba Diving by BeatriceBl
Duuude hunting waves by orangerender
Rock Climbing by Uvin
Sumo by bogdanelsiecheru
Lucky 8 by Thomasgrimer
Tennis serve and ACE! v1 by GTR
Bobsled by G_Sasha
Gone Fishing! by tcurtisart
Kayaks by piottr
F1 by roumiooska
Pocket Skateboard by VisualWizard
Hoop by tommasoballadore
Paragliding by mochawalk
Strike! by tommasoballadore
Cycling by eugenedeleni
Ballet dancer by Hopsi
Sports For Everybody by Wasaki & Rhapsody
Energy Badminton by Grenadine
Home Run by sebastianoballadore
I love hiking by Hopsi
Hockey-Okay! by Alebarberini
Yacht Race by mochawalk
„Schwingen" by SGRAPHICS
At the Gym by oxelot

Congratulations to the creators of these outstanding designs! And a big thank you to everyone else that has participated in this project and was a part of this great success!

The above-mentioned designs will now (along with three designs from Huaban) go into the global voting on the Victorinox website.

Thank you all and congratulations!

Please eliminate and block my account here!! IT'S A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT to be part of this ridiculous joke!! Sayonara, jerks!!

Congrats to everyone again! So, in regard to Huaban - are those 3 designs going to be completely separate from the ones we see above? Any estimate as to when we get the results?

Congratulations ! Great Work!

Congrats to everyone! Great Job!

Congrats to all winners!!!!

Congratulations to all winners!!!!)))


A big congrats to all the shortlisted ideas , best of luck ! Also a big thanks to Diana for being suck a great guide, to Timo and of course to Victorinox.

oops sorry, "such a great guide" autocorrect problem again!

Big congrats, guys!!! Best of lucks!!!

Congratulations to the winners and good luck to everyone!!!

Congratulations to all winners :))

Huge congrats to Golden 30! Good luck to everyone, the choice is going to be tough:)

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

To all the shortlisted in the final round, a huge congratulations! All the best and good luck!

Lastly, let's competes again next year! I will try my best again!

Hey guys, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 10 WINNING DESIGNS! As always this is the best challenge of the year, it’s a big pleasure to be part of the process, thank you Jovotans and thank you to Victorinox. You rock guys! Hats off! ;)

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday and I have some good news for you! We now have the winners of our Victorinox challenge!

These are the winning ideas..

Cycling by Eugen Edeleni;

I Love Hiking by Hopsi;

Scuba Diving by Beatrice Biliuta;

Gone Fishing by tcurtisart;

Rock Climbing by Randula Uvin Gunasena;

Pocket Skateboard by Erik Visual-Wizard;

Ski by Tommaso Balladore

Sports For Everybody by Wasaki & Endgork Moroldo.

Schwingen by Dennis Mennigen.

Football World by Piotr.

CONGRATULATIONS and have a great weekend!



Congratulations to the winners and all the people who made it possible!!!

Congratulations guys;)) Well done!

Congrats to all winners!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulations Top 10 :) See you next year!

Congrats to all the winners and contributors to this contest. And especially thanks to all for your support!
See you next year for the SAK (2021) contest. Let's hope it happens!!

Congrats to all winners! I can’t wait to check them on the market!

Huge congrats to the winners! It was an exciting experience to be part of the process. All the best, guys!

To all 10 winners, a big congratulations & well done! Enjoy the victory!

congratulations to winners and all participants.. Great work :D

Project terms

The following Project Terms are the legal basis for your participation in this Crowdstorm.

In §3 we define the rights that you pass on to jovoto when you submit an idea.

In §4 we define the rights that you pass on to the client. From §4.2 onwards, you find the details about which rights you pass to the client once the Crowdstorm is completed if they decide to license your idea.

In §5 you will find important points on what you will be held responsible for (like respecting copyrights and clearly marking all third party material in your submission).

1. Scope

1.1 These project terms supplement the Terms of Use for creatives and apply to public projects in terms of section 3.1.1 of the Terms of Use. Definitions contained in the Terms of Use also apply to the context of these project terms. Public projects may be viewed by everyone. All registered creatives may submit ideas for such projects provided they accept these project terms.

1.2 By submitting an idea to a project, the creative accepts the terms of use and these project terms.

2. Right to be Named as Author

By accepting these project terms and the terms of use, the creative waives any right to be named as author if the client wishes this when licensing the creative's idea. As long as the client does not purchase the idea, jovoto will ensure that the creative is named as author.

3. Granting Rights of Use to jovoto


By submitting an idea to a project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 3 to jovoto.

3.1 Even when participating in a project or submitting an idea, the creative still retains the right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use his own idea for the purpose of self-promotion provided he observes the rights of third parties, in particular those of the client. This does not apply to the first six months following the end of the submission phase of a project. During this period, the creative is not permitted to use his idea in any other manner. The client's trademarks and other related rights may only be used if and when the client explicitly allows this for the performance of the competition.

3.2 jovoto wishes to point out explicitly that participation in a project and/or submission of an idea does not confer on the creative any right to use material of jovoto or the client. In particular, participation in a project does not give the creative any right to use the logo or other materials belonging to the project sponsor (client) or to third parties. This does not apply in cases where the project terms or the project briefing call for other arrangements.

3.3 The creative submitting an idea to a project grants to jovoto non-exclusive transferable rights, without restriction on time, space or content, to use the idea, including associated creative works and any comments submitted therewith to the extent required for the operation of the platform. In particular, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make every comment and/or idea and the associated works on the platform accessible to third parties and to make any reproductions necessary for this purpose. The creative grants to jovoto the right to edit the works in question in order to present them more favorably on the website.

3.4 In addition, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make comments and/or the idea and the associated works publicly accessible for the purpose of presentation beyond the confines of the project, for example in the jovoto newsletter or in its blog, to distribute them and to edit them, in particular to create and present summaries or individual pictures of videos and texts, scaled-down versions of photographs ('thumbnails') etc.

3.5 Furthermore, the creative grants to jovoto the non-exclusive right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use the ideas and associated works in any medium for the purpose of communicating and promoting the project and/or ideas submitted to the project. To this end, jovoto may reproduce the ideas and associated works, distribute, edit, rearrange them, make them publicly accessible, broadcast and publicly play them in other ways, whereby this includes in particular making them available or broadcasting them by transmitting the content to fixed or mobile terminal devices of other creatives as part of automated subscription services (push services) or download services (pull services) (e.g. by podcast, RSS feed, Atom feed, XML interface or other technologies). The parties to this agreement consider the right of public reproduction also to include, in particular, the right to render the idea and associated works on the website using methods to play back audio and video data that can be received and simultaneously played by creatives (streaming), including the possibility of configuring the stream in such a way that the broadcast data can be stored by the recipient. In order to document the project and/or to promote the platform, jovoto may in particular include the creative's idea, alone or together with the ideas of other creatives, in a catalog of ideas, which will be made available to the client on conclusion of a project, and which it may reproduce as a different form of print publication and distribute (including as poster), where this serves as an appropriate form of publication for the platform, present at trade fairs (in particular in the form of banners, posters, video clips), make accessible as "best cases" on the platform, also in conjunction with other projects, or make generally publicly available, include in press releases or make available to third parties in the course of normal public relations work (for example for external press reports in journals).

3.6 In order to secure the greatest possible level of awareness and reach for the creative's ideas, the creative additionally grants to jovoto the right to publish the creative's ideas, and/or to have them published, on websites of external providers, to make the reproductions required for this and to transfer the individual works (i.e. the corresponding files) to the relevant third party, and/or to grant these providers technical access to the ideas for the above-mentioned purposes, including the right to reproduce the ideas for inclusion in their own websites. In order to achieve the aims mentioned in this sub-section, jovoto may use popular, established technical methods (e.g. embedded functions). The creative therefore consents to the relevant third-party provider adopting the works in question and also publishing them.

3.7 The creative will receive no monetary recompense for granting the aforementioned rights of use to jovoto. In return for being granted the rights, jovoto will present the creative's ideas on the platform and will give him the opportunity to sell his ideas to third parties or to jovoto and to participate with his ideas in projects.

3.8 In technical terms, the platform is a highly complex system with a large number of links. The content of creatives builds on from different user content and is cross-linked with it in many ways, etc. In addition, as a platform for creative services, the platform must provide a high degree of transparency and traceability – also covering the possibility of investigating or searching through events set in the past. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 3 is therefore irrevocable and extends beyond any end to the user agreement. Content submitted by the creative to the platform can therefore remain accessible on the platform even after this license agreement terminates or the creative is no longer a user of the platform for other reasons.

3.9 jovoto also endeavors wherever possible to allow the creative every freedom to exploit his ideas vis-à-vis third parties. Within the scope of projects the creative may, where applicable, have the opportunity to subject his idea to open content licensing terms (such as Creative Commons licensing). Whether and to what extent this is to apply in an individualproject (including the relevant details) will be specified in the briefing. The creative must in all cases explicitly indicate the use of third-party materials, including those that are subject to open licensing.

3.10 The aforementioned provisions apply accordingly for performance provided by a creative that cannot be registered or protected (e.g. draft concepts). At the same time, the performance provided by a creative is also deemed to have been rendered even if it cannot be registered or protected (e.g. as patent, brand or copyright) unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

4. Granting Rights of Use to the Client


By submitting an idea to the project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 4 to the client. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4.2 ff. is subject to the condition precedent that the client decides to acquire the creative's idea.

4.1 By participating in a project, the creative grants to the client the non-exclusive right of use, without restriction on content, time or space, to present his ideas and works as such outside of advertising campaigns or in order to promote the project, alone or together with the ideas and works of other creatives participating in the project, in any medium. Moreover, the creative grants to the client the right to use the ideas and works for the purpose of internal and external market research and for preparing the acquisition of the exclusive rights of use to the ideas and works. This may require the distributing and making the ideas and works publicly accessible, limited to the aforementioned purposes.

4.2 By accepting this license agreement, the creative grants to jovoto, subject to the condition precedent of the client's decision to acquire the corresponding rights from jovoto, rights of use to the idea that the creative has submitted to a project, together with all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, and to elements protected by copyright, design and performance protection rights associated with the idea (hereinafter referred to collectively as "works"), for exploitation in all known and unknown manners of utilization, in particular to the extent detailed below. This includes in particular – also in cases where rights arise at a later date – the exclusive, transferable right, unrestricted by content, time and space, and capable of being sub-licensed in parts, to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, irrespective of whether for payment or not, to distribute them, exhibit, rent out, to publicly render, in particular present, perform, display, make publicly accessible, broadcast, relay via cable or other systems (cable rebroadcasting), reproduce through video or audio medium, to make public via screen, loudspeaker or any other technical device, programs already broadcast or recordings made on the basis of public transmissions or to reproduce in any other intangible form, to edit and rearrange as well as to publish and use any such edited or rearranged form.

4.3 The aforementioned rights of exploitation for commercial or promotional purposes include in particular:

4.3.1 The right to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any tangible and/or intangible, digital or analog, form, e.g. through reprography or transfer to analog media (e.g. packaging, promotional material, advertisements, placards, books, stickers, printouts, pictures, illustrated books, books, comics, leaflets, flyers, photographs, photocopies, photo-mechanical processes, posters, magazines, newspapers), through digitalization or any other form of digital storage and to temporarily and/or permanently store on any other known type of data, video and/or video/audio media such as diskette, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio, Super Audio CD, audio cassette, vinyl record, MMC, SD, MS, MS Pro, Flash Card, Smart Card, Secure Digital Card, memory stick, MiniDisc, DAT, hard disk, server, proxy server, USB stick and/or via transmission in the Internet or other data networks or through transmissions or in database systems; in particular this also includes the right to use the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea for company-internal and -external presentations, in company-internal media such as intranet, PowerPoint presentations and for the creation and distribution of advertisements in print media and in electronic, especially online, means of advertising;

4.3.2 The right to distribute or put into circulation the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea in any known way and on all physical analog and digital media independently or in combination with other works, especially in support of a product, and/or to offer these to third parties, in particular to rent and lend out irrespective of the distribution channel and the embodiment, in particular through distribution of the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea on the aforementioned digital or analog media via wholesalers, resellers or retailers, mail order and irrespective of whether by remote sale, electronic transaction, free transfer or free distribution;

4.3.3 The right to transfer the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any known technical manner and to make them known, and in particular accessible to the public. This includes, in particular, the fact that the idea and the associated works may be stored in digital form in a data processing system from which they may then be retrieved by third parties 'on demand' as a stream or download or any other form as digital signal via wired or wireless media and/or transmitted there with the consequence that the stored data are transferred to the receiving device of the third party where they may be decoded after storage, intermediate storage or immediately, i.e. converted into text, images and/or sounds and made visible or audible. The idea and the associated works may also be made available to the third party in such a manner that he/she may store the idea and the works contained therein and/or parts thereof in his/her receiving device and may access them there repeatedly. Interactive use by way of on demand is characterized by the ideas stored in digital form being made available to members of the public who are not present at the source of where they are made available, and being made available in such a way that members of the public have access to them and can request their transmission at independent times and places even if transmission of the works to third parties takes place at a later point in time than at the one requested. The online right of use exists independently of the form of transmission chosen by the client or its licensees for the use of the protected material and includes, for example, interactive or non-interactive online systems, electronic databases, the Internet, the World Wide Web, social networks and platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, XING, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook, Apps, IRC or news, file sharing or application service providing;

4.3.4 The right to send or forward the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, to third parties irrespective of whether in 'analog or digital' form whether via data networks in the form of subscription or download services (e.g. by streaming, video-on-demand, near-video-on-demand, podcasting, webcasting, simulcasting, IPTV, mobile TV, push services (such as RSS feed, XML interface, etc.) and pull services of all kinds) or via traditional modes of transmission such as public or private broadcast, rebroadcast and repeat broadcast via radio, television and similar systems of communication and reception, electromagnetic waves, electronic devices, wire, cable, satellite, antenna systems, digital means of communications and other technical equipment, whether via the client's own means of transmission or via public or private broadcast companies;

4.3.5 The right to publish the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, first in any desired form at the point in time of the client's choosing irrespective of whether on any type of tangible media or in intangible form (e.g. on the Internet), irrespective of whether independently or in combination with other content such as a collection or multimedia work or as part of an encyclopedia;

4.3.6 The right to commercially exploit the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, through the manufacture and sale of goods of all types (e.g. dolls, toys, stuffed animals, sports articles, household, bathroom and kitchen items, garments, printed matter including comics, sound storage media, headgear, buttons) and/or to exploit the media listed and described in this sub-section, the marketing of services of all types using the circumstances, names, titles, figures, illustrations or other relationships related to the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, including the right to exploit the idea fully or in part through the production and sale of games/computer games, including interactive computer games, and/or other multi-media productions and/or other forms of work and to promote goods and services of any kind using such elements or through edited or unedited excerpts from videos ("merchandising right");

4.3.7 The right to modify, edit, combine, arrange the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any manner, especially through correction and translation into any other language, through extension, conversion, augmentation, adaptation, complementing, through inclusion in databases or by the creation of collected works, through the substitution of images and figures, through changes to the characters of figures, or allowing such actions to be undertaken by third parties, and to publish, exploit, or have published and exploited, the edited or rearranged works in any of the ways described in the above provisions.

4.3.8 The rights granted exist irrespective of the technology used as the basis for the use of the right. In particular, the granting / transfer of rights of use are not bound to the form of data transmission (analog or digital), to the means of data transmission currently used or to the type of end-user receiving device. The client is especially entitled to allow this access via any type of equipment or device that is technically able to call up and/or represent the content provided. Access can be effected in particular with the aid of fixed devices (e.g. personal computer, set-top box for digital TV or Internet terminal) and mobile terminal devices, especially mobile telephones (via WAP, SMS, i-mode and any future standards), smartphones, electronic organizers, so-called personal digital assistants (based on operating systems such as Stinger, EPOC, Palm OS, Windows CE/Pocket PC), in particular via wired connections (telephone networks, TV cable networks, ISDN, DSL, Internet fixed line, etc.), via wireless connections (wireless local loop, satellite, radio [in particular DVB-H], mobile telephone networks [GSM, CDMA, HSCSD, GPRS, 3G, UMTS], wireless LAN) or in the process of synchronization with other electronic devices (e.g. via cable and network connection, Bluetooth or infra-red) and on the basis of various transmission standards and presentation formats (e.g. TCP/IP, SMS, MMS, EMS, PMS, smart messages, DVB, HTML, WML, cHTML, e-mail) in all online services, data and (tele-) communications networks, in particular the Internet.

The client is to be able to use the idea fully and exclusively on a permanent basis and to exploit it commercially, in particular for advertising purposes and across all media.

4.4 In addition to, and above and beyond, the above provisions, it is agreed that, if the creative has created a computer program, only the client will be entitled to exercise any proprietary rights to the computer program after the transfer of rights by jovoto.

4.5 Following the transfer of rights, the client is entitled at its own discretion and without the separate agreement of the creative, to transfer the rights listed in section 4 to third parties or to allow third parties to exercise such rights irrespective of whether in the original form or in an edited form. This applies independently of the content and scope of the license terms agreed with the relevant third party, i.e. irrespective of whether through the transfer of the exclusive right of use or through the assignment of individual or several fully inclusive or non-exclusive rights of use limited with regard to content and/or time and/or space.

4.6 The above provisions also apply in the event that the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, have been combined with third-party protected material. If a collective creative work with shared copyright ownership has resulted from the combination of the works with other protected material, the creative herewith agrees to the exploitation of the collective work to the extent specified by the above provisions.

4.7 The use of material covered by open access or open content licensing terms for the development and creation of the project idea is prohibited, irrespective of whether this is done by the creative or third parties. The creative warrants that he will not use such material.

4.8 The idea will also remain visible on the platform even after being sold to the client. It will however be marked as 'sold (e.g. as 'Client's Choice').

4.9 The creative waives his right to be named as author in the exploitation of the idea. jovoto will work towards persuading the client that the creative's authorship should be acknowledged as author and that he should be named as such in accompanying material in cases where it is not possible to achieve such mention on specimens of the work.

4.10 Where the creative has used material and/or works of third parties in the course of developing and submitting the idea (for example photographs from publicly accessible databases, fonts, sample texts or similar), he also grants to jovoto and to the client rights of use to this third-party material and to these third-party works in accordance with the provisions of section 4.10. The sole exception to this are those parts of the idea that have been identifiably used for illustrative purposes and are marked as such components used solely for illustrative purposes and are explicitly titled as "SAMPLE" or "SPECIMEN" in the idea. Third-party materials and third-party works that are not marked as such will be treated as if they were the creative’s own works.

4.11 The condition precedent for the granting of rights in accordance with section 4 will be deemed to have been met when the client has made the decision to acquire the rights to an idea of the creative as specified in section 4, the client has informed jovoto of this in writing and jovoto has accordingly informed the creative in writing. jovoto will grant the license rights to the idea to the client immediately after the condition precedent becomes effective and the creative has been informed.

4.12 jovoto will immediately inform the creative in writing in cases where the client desires a direct license of rights from the creative. The creative and the client can then reach an agreement on the scope of the rights granted – if necessary with jovoto as mediator. jovoto will provide a specimen agreement on request.

4.13 The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4 remains unaffected by the termination of the contractual relationship between the creative and jovoto and the underlying terms of use.

4.14 The aforementioned provisions apply accordingly for performance provided by a creative that cannot be registered or protected (e.g. draft concepts). At the same time, the performance provided by a creative is also deemed to have been rendered even if it cannot be registered or protected (e.g. as patent, brand or copyright) unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

5. Creative's Guarantee, Indemnity

5.1 The creative guarantees that he has developed all ideas, and works associated with the ideas together with the individual elements, himself, and that he is the owner of all rights that are necessary in order to grant the rights of use in accordance with sections 3 and 4 and to meet any other applicable conditions. The creative also guarantees that his ideas and associated works are free of any third-party rights.

5.2 The creative also guarantees that he will not submit or offer any content, in particular ideas or work samples, that encroach upon the rights of third parties or where content is ineligible in accordance with the above provisions. The creative must check whether his ideas and the associated works infringe the rights of third parties. Indications for such contractual infringements are given when, in particular,

5.2.1 Works subject to copyright, e.g. graphics, videos, photos or text (even when edited or alienated, unless the original can no longer be identified), are used that were not created by the creative himself;

5.2.2 The ideas contain performances subject to copyright or related rights such as live recordings of concerts, plays, circus performances, etc., or parts thereof, or include other performances protected by other related rights such as television programs (including opening and closing sequences);

5.2.3 Third parties have collaborated on the production of the content in such a way that they are able to acquire ancillary copyright, for example for recording, direction, editing, sound engineering, camerawork, etc. unless the persons in question have agreed to the exploitation of the idea created with their collaboration on the platform;

5.2.4 The content includes personal or other sensitive information about individuals or groups of people, unless the necessary consent and/or exploitation rights have been obtained by the creative;

5.2.5 Third parties are portrayed in photographs or videos in such a way that they play a major role in terms of their significance for the photo/video, unless the creative has obtained their explicit consent to the scene and to the exploitation of the results on the platform.

5.3 The creative also guarantees that he is not prevented by any contract of employment or other such agreement from contributing the relevant idea and participating with it in a project.

5.4 The creative will indemnify jovoto from any claims that third parties may assert against jovoto for infringement of their rights as a result of the ideas submitted by the creative. jovoto will inform the creative of any such assertion in writing immediately. The creative will make every effort to support jovoto in preparing a suitable defense. The creative will assume all costs incurred by jovoto in this connection, including reasonable costs for a legal defense. The creative is entitled to prove that the actual costs incurred by jovoto were lower than those claimed.

5.5 The same applies in the event of claims asserted by third parties when the creative infringes legal positions of third parties, in particular trademark rights or personal rights, or other legal provisions (such as prohibitions contained in the Act Against Unfair Practices – UWG) through the subject of the content, irrespective of the authorship thereof.

6. Further Provisions

[Space for everything else that you wish to regulate in connection with the concrete project. You can simply delete it if there is nothing to add.]

6.1 Please note: in cases where you as an employee participate in the project (“teamstorm”), the employment contract or other legal relationship between you and the company takes precedence over the legal relationship transacted by jovoto. In addition, the terms and conditions of jovoto apply.

6.2 Please be aware: By filing your idea in the first stage of the project, you will be obliged to participate in the second stage of the project (invited project) if your idea will be chosen by the client. Of course, you will be entitled to an additional payment in this case