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Join the 10th Classic Limited Edition Design Contest.

Victorinox – creator of the world famous Swiss Army Knife – is looking for new creative designs for their Classic Limited Edition 2021. The theme of this year’s Design Contest is: Patterns of the World!

Submit your unique and original design for the 58 mm Classic pocket knife. Your design can feature (almost) anything from the wonderful world of patterns that you can find everywhere across all cultures and centuries: 

  • from popular and globally known patterns to specific local and traditional patterns.
  • from a simple kitchen towel pattern to a fancy fashion print.
  • from natural patterns (like ice crystals) to technical patterns (like floorings and facades).
  • from general patterns (like squared paper) to individual artistic patterns.

You will surely find many more examples in your personal surroundings!

Submission phase starts on April 17th - Sign up to get started!

What can you win?

Win from a total prize pool of 37’500€

  • 10x3’000€ for the 10 winning designs that will go into production.
  • 30x150€ if your design makes it on the shortlist.
  • prize money from a total pool of 3’000€ if your design makes it into the Top 10 of the community voting after the submission phase ends.

Your idea might get chosen for the global public voting where Victorinox fans from around the world can vote on their favorite design.

The 10 most popular designs will be produced for the Classic Limited Edition 2021 and available in stores all around the globe.

Popular Ideas

Concentric asymmetry
Ocean Life
Colombian identity pattern
Folk Art Pattern
Tropical flowers
 Mexican Ethnic Patterns
GeoRo Design