...ist aber ein Fremdwort
Children Rights - Foreign Word - be there for both sides


I imagine this campaign like this you see different people with their Children in their everyday situations where they require certain needs like food, medizin or education, but they didnt get it, it causes a big discussion and ends with the sentence but in some countrys health (for example) is a foreign word...
Example: supermarket
They not sell food because there is none, but the buyer in this case a Father with his little doughter gets upset and insists because he sees the shelves are full, it is his right and the right of her doughter  to get the food ,  but the seller ended the conversation with: but in Africa  for many Children Food is a foreign word
Example 2: Doctor visit
It's the same concept but this time medicine is denied it gets ultimately stopped with: ...but Africa  medicine is for many children a foreign word After the finale, you see the people of this poor Lands who need our help and get then the contact details of UNICEF at last Unicef ist trying to tell the People to make these thins like Food Medicine and Education Normal and to a Standart for these People like they are for us After this you see the Father again in the Supermarket now silent and thinking about the whole situation, the little doughter ends this with the sentence that the father can get her food and spend some money for hungry children she saids: daddy you can give us both food!

I think this is a good Idea für TV and Cinemas or on Youtube....