LETTERBOMBING for Childs Rights
*** Campaign whcih is not only interactive but spreading Childs Rights all over the web! ***


The campaign is not only raising awareness of the Childrens Rights by the users who actually take an active part in it, but also by the people who get Letterbombed and their followers, friends, etc.  

The Foreign Word Concept is transfered to Social Media Outlets by the use of Letterbombing. See the slides how it works. Letterbombing can be used as a subtle and subversive tool to spread messages on Social Media Platforms that provide a commenting function alongside profile pics like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc..

In the 2nd slide of the Webpage, I used some texts of the "Your Brilliant Texts for Unicef" Contest. A big thank you goes out to: bjoerk, decuriel & gaborrieger!