Stuttering Children Around The World
A video montage of stuttering children around the world saying, "Child rights" is not a foreign word


I heard an interview about a new movie entitled, "The Kings Speech" about King George overcoming a speech problem with the help of his speech therapist.  The thesis of the screen writer (who also overcame a stuttering problem) was that the problem of stuttering speech stemmed from childhood-from children who lost confidence in their own voices because they didn't feel heard.  I have had a slight problem myself, and the theory also makes sense to me .  I think a montage like I'm proposing would strike a chord.  I know that after I heard that radio interview, I thought to myself that I better make a special effort to be sure I give my children the attention they deserve, so I can empower them.   I had never thought about that as deeply.  So, I think a viral video showing the children of all colors who stutter and struggle to express this idea would be very effective in getting attention for this cause. 
Watch this to get a feel for it: Also, watch this, and see how effective this little girl is at effecting change: