Google Translate Social Partnership
Using Google translate to share translations & the concept of universal children's rights


Unicef can partner with Google Translate, a translation service that takes anything a user writes and translates it into many languages - and then share it with a message from Unicef on Facebook and Twitter.
For the period of the campaign, Unicef's logo will appear on the Google translate page, and Facebook and Twitter share functionality will appear beneath the translation.
Users can translate anything they want and instantly share it with their friends and followers, along with a message from Unicef, an appropriate hashtag in Twitter, and a link to more information about children's rights OR a link to the translation page to encourage more people to share messages in any language.
This has the potential to build awareness as users get excited about a simple functionality - to translate and share - and realize the message of Unicef's campaign. 
A copywriter can be creative about the appropriate hashtag and campaign messaging.
Extensions of this can include a Facebook fan page, encouraging people to share messages about children's rights in any language.

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