Empowering a Child's sense of self: IDENTITY IS NOT A FREMDWORT; IT IS A RIGHT
Web/Blog:self/identity&child rights; coop.UNICEF w. Min of Culture&Education/Schools/Airline/Celebs


Campagne should actively involve:

  • WEB/Social Media: Twitter, XING, Book-Crossing Community, Sites of the Airline involved and Airline's Facebooksite;
  • STAKEHOLDERS: Teacher, Parents (also schoolchildren) a Celebrity (preferably a musician) the Ministry for Culture/Education & Companies (e.g. Airline)
  1. Tweet announcing a concert of a famous national musican dedicating X % of the ticket price for the launch & operation of national UNICEF/Ministry of Education School Project on Children's self/Identity right.. The Tweet should also announce already the name of the homepage/blog: eg. Identity-is-a-Right.com
  2. On the ticket of the concert should be the www. adress for the homepage (even if still under construction...) and a Code. This code could be entered at the site of & AirlineX/Y with the chance to win miles for a flight and a guided tour to UNICEF Headquarter. With the code, people will get the information about a flee-market/Book fair (e.g. in the townhall of the capital hosted by Minstry. The flee market/book fair event should also be announced via twitter, the book-crossing homepage. At the beginning of the concert the ministry of C&Education announces also the school-project and the schools involved (see below). 
2. ) This flee/market - Book release event should be adressed simultanously on the BOOKCROSSING HOMEPAGE; TWITTER AND XING via a CHildren'sRIGHTsIDENTITY-Group with the aim to invite people to either donate books/goodies at the flee market itself or their expertise/know how at a later stage at the schoolproject (eg. donation of "one-hour-IT-Web support at the school, or 1hour of grafic design support for the children's blog, etc.)
3.) At the fair, their should also be a UNICEF/CHILDREN's RIGHT Billboard and UNICEF Staff.
4.) At the airlines homepage - the RIGHT-FOR-IDENTITY-HOMEPAGE should be linked & announced. During the course of the schoolproject, some of the children's stories should be published on the airline-website and also during the flight (maybe on the infoscreen of the airplane of - as a leaflet - with the NAME OF THE SCHOOLS INVOLVED and THE POLITICIANS/CELEBS hosting the project and with the opportunity to donate for UNICEF)

5.) THE SCHOOLPROJECT with children ITSELF should comprise children's views of self inform that every "self" - especialle a child's sense of self needs to be protected and that there are already special rights in place to protect children.  Special briefing and guidance would be given to teachers in the course of the project also via the XING-Group.

In a playful manner, the project would involve schools. During a contest  children could send not only their own paitnings about themselves. School children would also participate in a BLOG e.g with the titel:  "Identity is not a Fremdwort-it is A RIGHT:" with the slogen:  I deserve - I have rights- I am".
  1. The blog should partly be an online diary, with stories triggered with free-writing exercises,leading to a collection of personal stories of childre from various cultural back-grounds. As an example: Every week there would be in the blog a sentence to be completed spontanously for not longer than 15 minutes, perhaps during a language class at school (which participates in the project) - e. g. for an exercise given to develop a childs personal story could be to finsh a sentence such as:"The day of my 11th birthday, my mum/dad or  etc. told me: .... 
2.  Online Quiz/questions: for another section of the blog, children (perhaps a school class) would need to activley seek info and advise from UNICEF homepage/UNICEF TWEETS, supported by teachers in order to learn about childrens rights. 
3. There should be a price for the class with the fastest answers/highest amount of right answers.
  • If the winner class is EU/Swiss the price could be, that the paintings of the winner class are used as sujets for the identity campagne and that the personal stories as well as their findings on childs rights are posted on a website of a national newspaper with high reputation as well as there will be a decicted ISSUE GROUP e.g. on FACEBOOK, monitored by UNICEF.
  • If the winner class is from a "3rd world" country, the price should rather consist in tools to get connected with UNICEF and to get online help (e.g. a set of computers for the winner school, an own homepage for the class - and a dedicated web space where special lawers would at least twice a week be online to advice children about their rights and support teachers.
See also CHARTs. In the Campaign social media is used as a trigger, as an additional means to address stakeholders in addition to events.