Your vision for the digital future of the Arab region

Design the Digital future of the Arab region

€5,000prize pool

Design the Digital future of the Arab region


Digital Arabia Network (DAN) was founded in January 2018, when a group of individuals from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Germany realised that they wanted to make a lasting contribution to the digital community in the Arab world. Their aim is to explore the impact and opportunities digitalisation and its different instruments can bring to Arab societies.

They connect leading creatives and powerful digital innovators in the Arab world. As the lab for the digital future of the Arab World, DAN connects all those who contribute to the transforming of our life into a better place through using technology: in arts, culture, education, business, economy, media and politics.

To help this great initiative be a success, the German Federal Foreign Office came forward to support DAN in their mission by funding this crowdstorm.

Business challenge & Goal

This specific project opens a public innovation crowdstorm that challenges creatives from the Arab region and around the globe to submit innovative ideas that identify a specific regional/local challenge and describe how digitalization can help solve that challenge.

Target group

Persona 1: Change makers: Digital actors, civil society, cultural institutions, public institutions, business institutions (who aim to transform the future of Arab region)

Persona 2: Public figures and influencers who would promote digitalisation

Persona 3: Public sector officials


#DAN gives you the opportunity to jump into the future; come back and share your vision of a digitalised future of the Arab region.

How do you envision the digital future of the Arab region? Tell us how digitalisation can contribute to the political, economic and societal development of the region.

Come up with one or more ideas / concepts which represent your vision of the Digital future of the Arab region.

Work as a team!

To recognize outstanding teamwork, we have five Collaboration Awards! If you are interested in collaborating but don’t have someone specific in mind, let others know by leaving a comment under the project brief and if there is someone specific you would like to work with - reach out to them!

You can invite a collaborator at any time, either in the draft mode of your submission (that way you can also use the comment bar below the idea template to interact with each other) or by going to Edit Idea after you've published it and back to the Collaborators page to search for a collaborator.


With digitalisation being the next big step to future of Arab region:

  • Explore how a digital environment can be blended with a physical one. (not too futuristic)
  • Be creative, think outside the box and come up with solutions which are different from already existing tools or solutions.
  • It should be possible  for your idea/concept to be implemented with currently available technologies or experimental technologies that will be implemented in the near future.

Be as digital as you can, but as real as possible.

Elaborated task

The overall aim of #DAN is to raise awareness for solving social and political issues with Digital transformation by using the crowdstorm as key element.

Your specific challenge in this project is to tackle societal problems through digital transformation, for which you are free to choose from a wide range of different approaches:

Communication concept, Service design, Architectural concept, Product design, Innovation, Story-telling

You have complete freedom to think outside-the-box and choose any creative approach. However your ideas/concepts are expected to cover the following:

  • Choose a field that you are trying to tackle, e.g.
  1. Digital community building
  2. Digital freedom and data privacy
  3. Digital healthcare provision
  4. Equal opportunities for men and women
  5. Fighting fake news in the future
  6. Future of art and education
  7. Future of Mobility
  8. Future of work
  9. Smart cities
  10. Your vision of future universities
  • Describe the problem you identified in detail.
  • Explain (step-by-step) how your idea can inspire change and how it influences an individual and/or a society as a whole.

For this challenge we focus on five countries in the Arab region, which are:

  1. Egypt
  2. Jordan
  3. Lebanon
  4. Morocco
  5. Tunisia

NOTE: Your ideas can be as broad or specific as you like when it comes to the scope of their application. They can be for the whole region, a country or even a specific city.

To come up with unique solutions and to tackle specific regional problems, background knowledge of the Arab region or mentioned countries is necessary.  


Of course, creatives from all over the world can participate in this challenge as well. To make up for potential lacks of knowledge of current problems and issues in the Arab region, we highly encourage you to collaborate with the creatives from the Arab region, and this is also the reason why we are giving away here more Collaboration Awards than in our regular projects.

A list of the local Arab region creatives with their usernames can be found below in the Project Kit.

Your submission must include:

  • Slide 1: Main visual and small text . Which field and which country/whole region? (future of work, Equal opportunities,etc.)
  • Slide 2: Please answer the following questions as you develop your ideas:
    • What is the key problem? Which specific problem in the selected field you want to tackle?
  • Slide 3: Describe what effects would the problem cause in future,  if not solved.
  • Slide 4: Your solution to the problem. How does your solution help to solve the mentioned problem through digitalisation

You will have 5 more optional slides to further explain your idea if needed.

The visuals you submit with your idea should serve to support the understanding of the problem you are tackling and your suggested solution. Your main focus should be on a good and descriptive explanation of the problem and the solution, not just the visuals.
Remember, a strong idea with an ability to make an impact  is more important than an unrealistic concept for this contest.

You can submit a maximum of 10 concepts/ideas, if you would like to explore different solutions. It will increase your chances of winning prizes.

DOs and DON'Ts


  • Consider how your concept/idea will make a real difference for development of the Arab region.
  • Focus on tackling one problem per submission.
  • Keep the core values of the Arab world and societies in mind when creating an idea. All ideas should be acceptable for the Arab culture and not contradict their values.



  • Please avoid any kind of cliches or stereotypes about any country/region
  • Avoid going in the direction of any political or religious issues. Your ideas are expected to focus on future and digitalisation.
  • Please don’t submit ideas/concepts that are hard to understand and overly complicated
  • Please don’t provide ideas based on futuristic technologies that can’t be realized in the near future.


Success measurement

  • Originality of your idea
  • Identification of a key problem/key problems
  • How well does your idea contribute to a solution of the identified problem


You can participate in this contest with submissions of any artistic style you like: from a sketch to a photography, illustration or a blueprint.
Preferred file type for your submission: pdf or high resolution JPG.

Timing & Awards

Deliverables and deadlines 

  • Deadline for the Halftime Awards: Thursday, December 13, 2018, at 11:59 pm (CET Berlin time)
  • You'll receive client feedback: Monday, December 17, 2018
  • End of submission phase: Thursday, December 27, 2018, at 5pm (CET Berlin time) 


  • You could earn one of the cash prizes from the €5,000 total prize pool.
  • In addition to that, your ideas will have the chance to be presented in roadshow events around the Arab region.

You may also get invited to attend these roadshow events - that means an all expenses paid trip to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and/or Tunisia! How exciting is that!

Your Guide

Legal overview

Here is a brief overview of what is particularly important to be aware of:

  • When entering an idea for a project, jovoto as well as the client, may display, share and print it for evaluation or presentational purposes.
  • There is a three month exclusivity period:
  1. in which you may publish and share your idea on other websites or social media and ensure it is clearly labelled as a submission created on jovoto.
  2. in which you ensure that the client is able to exclusively license your design.
  3. after which you may offer your submission to others and publicly display it (without the clients logo).
  • Please ensure that you have noted any and all third party material you used - including the source where it can be found.
  • When uploading an idea you agree to jovoto's general terms of use as well as the specific project terms (see under the brief).
  • The project terms clarify rights for your upload as well as the details that go into effect if and when you are informed that the client wishes to license your design.
  • Please carefully check and review your submission and the attachments before uploading them - they can only be deleted within 24 hours.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.

Halftime Feedback

Dear Creatives,

Thank you all for the great submissions so far! You really have delivered amazing ideas for a very wide range of problems. You have tackled issues from gender equality, to infrastructure, to education and we are excited to see what else you can come up with. We held the halftime feedback session with the client and discussed your ideas. We were really happy with the broad variety of different ideas and would now like to give you some more guiding as to which directions to pursue in the second half of the project.

I will provide the general feedback for you here on the brief and then make some direct comments underneath your submissions for some more detailed insights and feedback.

General Feedback

We’re really happy to see the application of state of the art technology in your approaches and want to encourage you to proceed in that direction. At the same time, please make sure that your solutions are technologically feasible and don’t rely on some future, science fiction technology.

Using technology and digitalization to promote arts and culture is something that really made us curious. Applying the methods of the digital age to solve problems of the analogue world is always interesting. If you have already thought in that direction, please keep doing so and let us know how you think that arts, culture and the humanities in general can benefit from your idea.

We would like to stress again that it is crucial for you to identify a problem and a solution that are relevant for and maybe even unique to the Arab world. We have seen some really good submissions that tackle societal problems in general and while we are happy to see these ideas, we want to ask you to think about problems specific to the relevant countries.

If you are missing this unique regional perspective, please think about collaborating with a creative from the Arab region. Together you might be able to narrow the approach and make it specifically relevant for the Arab world.

We are also curious about how you would implement your idea. We have seen some really great suggestions that go from the problem directly to the completed solution and skip the step of how to get there. Please think about how to get from A to B and let us know how your idea can be implemented and made a reality.

On the same note, some ideas would require a certain change of mind with the relevant stakeholders, be that government officials or people participating in your idea. If this is the case for your suggestion, please think about that and let us know how you would spark a change of mindset and how you would convince people to adopt your idea.

Lastly, (but definitely not least) please make sure that your submission tackles the identified problem with a solution that utilizes digitalization. We have seen some submissions that successfully identify regional problems but then apply an “analogue” solution. Maybe think about how you could use new, digital technology instead to come up with a solution.


Halftime Award Winners

We’re happy to announce the winners of the halftime awards! It was really tough to pick the two favorites out of so many great contributions.

The winners are:

faKEN by Tommaso Balladore

Parallel Education by Amira Bahaa

We’re looking forward to see more amazing ideas!


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Hello and welcome!

My name is Timo and I will be your creative guide for this project. I am really excited about the ideas you will be sending in and I am looking forward to helping you refine your amazing concepts.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions, discuss issues and reach out to me if you need any help.

Thank you and be creative!

I want to start my first project on designing the digital future so please let me know about the dimension and most important areas of the project. What type of artwork client will like the most vector illustration, info graphic or applying appropriate images by adding the required artwork to complete and describe the motto?

Hi everyone!

I'm really excited about this project, anybody would like to team up?

Looking forward to it, regards Nydia

Hi! I am planning to work on new ideas for this project. But I need some help to understand the problems that Arab societies face. Is there anyone who wants to collaborate with me from the Arab region?

Hello Aybars ! I am a tunisian arab participant already working on ideas and I am looking for a designer partner, I think that we are a perfect match for this project :D

Hi Elyees, I have started working with another creative, but I don't have time for another project for now. I should have mentioned this before. Thank you for the offer and good luck!

Hi Aybars, good luck with your project, It's okay. Thank you !

Hi Timo - thank you for your note. I'd like a point of clarification. I have some ideas but need a collaborator to help me flesh those out. Can I post and then ask for a contributor or ?? Best, Christine

Hi Christine, I would like to let you know that I'm also looking for a contributor and would be happy to collaborate with you. Best regards Nydia

Hi Christine,

It's pretty much up to you how you find your collaborator. You can find someone to work with first, get in touch via private message and then publish your idea together OR you can also publish your rough idea first and for example post a comment underneath it saying that you would like to refine it further with a collaborator.

You are free to pick your own approach.

Oh hooray, Nydia - perfect! Let me invite you to the very drafty ideas I submitted (that do not have to stay the way the are now, of course). :) Thank you, Christine

Thanks guys for your submissions so far - some great ideas! We're looking forward to seeing more of them.

A few things I would like to point out though and ask everyone to keep in mind when they submit their ideas:
- Please follow the Idea Template when you upload your ideas
- Make sure to upload your images in the right formats: landscape format (2400x1600px) for the main visual on slide 1 and portrait format (1600x2400px) for any other slide with the option for a visual
- Please always provide links to the third party material used in your ideas

Looking forward to many more awesome ideas! :-)

Hello everyone! I'm from Morocco and I would like to team up with anybody looking for answers and informations about Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Säläm, Toufik.

I would like to team up with you. I like the minimalistic design in your works "I HAVE BEEN TO MOROCCO" and "MADE IN MOROCCO" very much. Gorgeous! I have a few ideas in mind ...

Best wishes from Bavaria/Germany Wolfi

Great job so far, everyone!

I would like to point out again, that we have some collaboration prices in this project:

€500Best Collaboration (1st place)
€400Best Collaboration (2nd place)
€300Best Collaboration (3rd place)
€200Best Collaboration (4th place)
€100Best Collaboration (5th place)

Check out the list of creatives from the region if you want to team up with someone and take a stab at one of the collaboration awards.

Hi Timo I think your "creatives from the region" list would've made much more sense and would've been more useful, if it had been limited to those who were active, and participated in the past year or two in any contests. And for those who want to participate for the first time, they could post an idea, however simple, and seek out a collaborator in the comments or in the post itself., and go forward. Unless we know someone, or recognize a name on the list from past participation, this is like a "shot in the dark", and extremely time consuming if you have to look up profiles, just to see if they were active. We all know that there are many thousands of members on this platform, but only a fraction of those that are actually active and get involved in a contest. :)

Hi tcurtisart,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, you are absolutely right! We went through the list once more and removed the creatives that have been inactive. This should make it easier to find a fitting match for your collaborations.

i would to join to team

selam ... hey are you still looking for a teammember ? lets team up ... do you know the arabian alphabet and so on ... i got a few ideas and also insights to the northafrican culture but no arab language skills what do you think

Anyone is interested to team up for the proposal to introduce a DEMOCRATIC JOINED ARAB CHANGE MAKER COMMUNITY CURRENCY? We have already a great community in MENA working on the open source solution see

Sorry, I am out after reading this: "... the creative still retains the right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use his own idea for the purpose of self-promotion provided he observes the rights of third parties, in particular those of the client. This does not apply to the first six months following the end of the submission phase of a project. During this period, the creative is not permitted to use his idea in any other manner. "

Dear creatives,

Thank you very much for your submissions so far! We are really excited about the amazing ideas that you have submitted until now and we are even more excited to share them with our client and provide you feedback.

We are truly amazed by the incredible ideas you have come up with to leverage digitalization to further the Arab region.

Just a little reminder for those of you that have not yet finished their drafts or have been putting it off to submit their ideas until now: if you submit your concepts before the end of December 13, we can include it in the halftime feedback round with the client! So make sure to submit your ideas, even if they are not completed yet, and get some feedback on them.

Tick tock! It's the halftime feedback clock!

Thank you all so much for the great ideas you have submitted so far. I would like to remind you that the deadline for the halftime feedback is tonight at 23:59 Berlin time.

If you want to be considered for the halftime prize and want your idea to be discussed during the halftime feedback call with the client, please make sure to submit before the deadline.


Hey everyone!

We just posted the Halftime Feedback above! Make sure to check it our and incorporate it in your ideas.

We are also very happy to announce our two half time winners! Congratulations to Amira Bahaa for Parallel Education and to Tommaso Balladore for faKEN!

Fake news is a problem the whole world is facing – not only the arabic region. Whether you take the authorities in the West who label any truth as fake news or in the Orient who label dissidents as terrorists.

What made fake news such a big problem? It was the digitalization. You won’t stop fake news by digitalized truth. You won’t stop prejudices by a machine.

You have to give people a perspective. An Education. An aim in life. Then fake news will dissolve itself.

Thank you, freierwolf, for this "solution of the problem" ;) I absolutely agree with you!

With the halftime feedback, for me, more questions arise, with the sense of this project: It seems to me, that we should scratch only on the surface, to be considered a valuable idea ;D

Are we really talking about problems in the Arab regions, especially, that digitalisation could solve?

I think "culture and art" is one of the last things, we should talk about, regarding the topics, DAN could tackle.

Also, I wonder, that some people from these countries, are very restrained with their ideas....

So I feel, that DAN, will not touch ,even, warm potatoes!

Okay, this is my very personal view.... So lets stay in a pre-christmas mood and I "wish you a merry christmas and a happy New Year" to all.

Keep it positive guys :D

The Arab region specially in the middle east is suffering from the fake news, alot of civil wars are caused by this problem.

I don't want to go into political details in this comment, I will just invite you to do some research.

It's one of the client's focus programs so let's respect their priority.

Don't forget that 20 other prizes are still available for the creative ideas that solve other serious problems :D

Merry Christmas and happy New year!

Hi elyess, good, that you join the discussion ;) May you got something wrong... Of course, fake news are very serious and big problem, and cause even civil wars in the middle east, but we "only" doubt, that more digitalisation of the "truth" will solve it... "You have to give people a perspective. An Education. An aim in life. Then fake news will dissolve itself." see freierwolf

And I am asking only some critical questions, about priority problems, DAN will takle or not?

My motivation is, expressing my free -thinking opinion and questioning the briefing...., especially the halftime feedback, and has nothing to do with prizes ;D

I see you are new here, so I can tell you, that some of our community, questioning the client´s brief in several projects, it´s not "law" ;D

Hi lemo, yes I am new here, thank you for your guidance, I do not disagree with you and freierwolf, one of the best long term solutions for this problem and alot of other problems is the modernization of education and development of critical thinking among new generations.

Hello dear creatives!

This is just a little reminder that there are three days left on the project!
I can see that there are still quite a good number of submissions in draft mode. So, if you are not entirely done with your idea or you might have forgotten to publish it, have a look and make sure to publish it before the deadline.

We are excited about the submissions and are still curious what else you are coming up with.

Best, Timo

Hello everyone,

We are in the home stretch now!
With less than 24 hours left in the submission period of this project I would like to use the opportunity to thank you once more for your really creative and genius idea submissions.

At the same time I would like to remind everyone that still wants to submit an idea or has a submission in draft mode to go ahead and publish their work. Tomorrow (December 27) at 5pm Berlin time, the submission period ends.

Best, Timo

The submission phase has ended now. Thank you all so very much for your ideas!

Next up is the community voting phase. That means now you have the chance to vote for your favorite ideas and determine so the winners of the project.

Once the voting phase is over on January 10 we will get together with the client to determine the winners of the Client, Jury and Collaboration awards. This might take a little bit of time and will not happen right on the 10th. I would like to thank you already for your patience and understanding. We will announce all the winners as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for some truly amazing and inspiring idea submissions!

Hi Timo, I can't found the UNRATED option.. it was very helpful.

Top left, click on published, you'll see unrated option


Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year!

Wish everyone many interesting projects in jovoto!

Dear creatives,

I am happy and honoured to announce today the Community awards as voted by you and after monitoring.


Top 5 Community Winners

Place 1: Recovery map by elyess ben amor & Fatma Triki


Place 3: Parallel Education by Amira Bahaa

Place 4: Fighting Fake News by razorxx & Masi Azim

Place 5: DAMJ by Hicham Bahr

Place 6: start digital and stay by lemo

Place 7: ART of DAN by MKAA & Dragos Radisavljevic

Best Collaboration Awards (5x)

Recovery map by elyess ben amor & Fatma Triki

Fighting Fake News by razorxx & Masi Azim

ART of DAN by MKAA & Dragos Radisavljevic

Waste0: better Waste Management. Case: Egypt (UPDATED) by sarkar & sumit_goski

Unity Blockchain Innovation Hub by landofdreams & drosioru

Many thanks to every single one of you that have participated in this project and have submitted amazing ideas on how to leverage digitalisation to tackle concrete real world problems.

We will soon be back with the announcement of the Client Awards.


Hi Diana.. Top 7 (not 5) Community Winners ;)

Big congrats to all winner. Well done :)

Congrats to everyone!!

Congrats, dudes!!!

Congratulations to all winners! Good luck to all!

congrats to everyone:)

Dear Creatives,

Today is a big day! Let's congratulate together the Jury award winners.

3x Jury Awards:

1st. Arab e-story by elyess ben amor

2nd. DAMJ by Hicham Bahr

3rd. Recovery map by elyess ben amor & Fatma Triki

Thank you all for your amazing efforts! Soon we will announce the remaining 'Client's Choice' awards.

And all the best from Berlin!

Congratulations for all the winners :))


Congratulations! :D

Congratulations guys

Great news :D, Good luck everybody !!

Dear Creatives,

Huge congratulations also go out to the 5x Client Choice Winners(incl. license):

Unity Blockchain Innovation Hub by landofdreams & drosioru

Parallel Education by Amira Bahaa

DAMJ by Hicham Bahr

Arab e-story by elyess ben amor

Recovery map by elyess ben amor & Fatma Triki

Thanks again everyone who participated in the project and wish you all the best for future projects.


jovoto Team

Congratulations to ALL winners ;)

Congrats to all!!

Congrats, winners and teams.

Congrats, mates!!!

Dear Creatives,

I am very glad to share with you all that, we applied our project for BOLD awards few months ago. BOLD awards is projects in that make a difference in different sectors and different categories. We applied in the category of 'BOLDEST OPEN INNOVATION' and our project is up for public voting until tomorrow 11:59pm Berlin time.

Here is the link for the voting:

Go forward and help this initiative to reach next level. You guys did an amazing job and obviously this just got proved on a whole another level .

Thanks again for your great work.

Looking forward to your votes.


jovoto Team

Project terms

The following Project Terms are the legal basis for your participation in this Crowdstorm.

In §3 we define the rights that you pass on to jovoto when you submit an idea.

In §4 we define the rights that you pass on to the client. From §4.2 onwards, you find the details about which rights you pass to the client once the Crowdstorm is completed if they decide to license your idea.

In §5 you will find important points on what you will be held responsible for (like respecting copyrights and clearly marking all third party material in your submission).

1. Scope

1.1 These project terms supplement the Terms of Use for creatives and apply to public projects in terms of section 3.1.1 of the Terms of Use. Definitions contained in the Terms of Use also apply to the context of these project terms. Public projects may be viewed by everyone. All registered creatives may submit ideas for such projects provided they accept these project terms.

1.2 By submitting an idea to a project, the creative accepts the terms of use and these project terms.

2. Right to be Named as Author

By accepting these project terms and the terms of use, the creative waives any right to be named as author if the client wishes this when licensing the creative's idea. As long as the client does not purchase the idea, jovoto will ensure that the creative is named as author.

3. Granting Rights of Use to jovoto


By submitting an idea to a project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 3 to jovoto.

3.1 Even when participating in a project or submitting an idea, the creative still retains the right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use his own idea for the purpose of self-promotion provided he observes the rights of third parties, in particular those of the client. This does not apply to the first six months following the end of the submission phase of a project. During this period, the creative is not permitted to use his idea in any other manner. The client's trademarks and other related rights may only be used if and when the client explicitly allows this for the performance of the competition.

3.2 jovoto wishes to point out explicitly that participation in a project and/or submission of an idea does not confer on the creative any right to use material of jovoto or the client. In particular, participation in a project does not give the creative any right to use the logo or other materials belonging to the project sponsor (client) or to third parties. This does not apply in cases where the project terms or the project briefing call for other arrangements.

3.3 The creative submitting an idea to a project grants to jovoto non-exclusive transferable rights, without restriction on time, space or content, to use the idea, including associated creative works and any comments submitted therewith to the extent required for the operation of the platform. In particular, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make every comment and/or idea and the associated works on the platform accessible to third parties and to make any reproductions necessary for this purpose. The creative grants to jovoto the right to edit the works in question in order to present them more favorably on the website.

3.4 In addition, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make comments and/or the idea and the associated works publicly accessible for the purpose of presentation beyond the confines of the project, for example in the jovoto newsletter or in its blog, to distribute them and to edit them, in particular to create and present summaries or individual pictures of videos and texts, scaled-down versions of photographs ('thumbnails') etc.

3.5 Furthermore, the creative grants to jovoto the non-exclusive right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use the ideas and associated works in any medium for the purpose of communicating and promoting the project and/or ideas submitted to the project. To this end, jovoto may reproduce the ideas and associated works, distribute, edit, rearrange them, make them publicly accessible, broadcast and publicly play them in other ways, whereby this includes in particular making them available or broadcasting them by transmitting the content to fixed or mobile terminal devices of other creatives as part of automated subscription services (push services) or download services (pull services) (e.g. by podcast, RSS feed, Atom feed, XML interface or other technologies). The parties to this agreement consider the right of public reproduction also to include, in particular, the right to render the idea and associated works on the website using methods to play back audio and video data that can be received and simultaneously played by creatives (streaming), including the possibility of configuring the stream in such a way that the broadcast data can be stored by the recipient. In order to document the project and/or to promote the platform, jovoto may in particular include the creative's idea, alone or together with the ideas of other creatives, in a catalog of ideas, which will be made available to the client on conclusion of a project, and which it may reproduce as a different form of print publication and distribute (including as poster), where this serves as an appropriate form of publication for the platform, present at trade fairs (in particular in the form of banners, posters, video clips), make accessible as "best cases" on the platform, also in conjunction with other projects, or make generally publicly available, include in press releases or make available to third parties in the course of normal public relations work (for example for external press reports in journals).

3.6 In order to secure the greatest possible level of awareness and reach for the creative's ideas, the creative additionally grants to jovoto the right to publish the creative's ideas, and/or to have them published, on websites of external providers, to make the reproductions required for this and to transfer the individual works (i.e. the corresponding files) to the relevant third party, and/or to grant these providers technical access to the ideas for the above-mentioned purposes, including the right to reproduce the ideas for inclusion in their own websites. In order to achieve the aims mentioned in this sub-section, jovoto may use popular, established technical methods (e.g. embedded functions). The creative therefore consents to the relevant third-party provider adopting the works in question and also publishing them.

3.7 The creative will receive no monetary recompense for granting the aforementioned rights of use to jovoto. In return for being granted the rights, jovoto will present the creative's ideas on the platform and will give him the opportunity to sell his ideas to third parties or to jovoto and to participate with his ideas in projects.

3.8 In technical terms, the platform is a highly complex system with a large number of links. The content of creatives builds on from different user content and is cross-linked with it in many ways, etc. In addition, as a platform for creative services, the platform must provide a high degree of transparency and traceability – also covering the possibility of investigating or searching through events set in the past. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 3 is therefore irrevocable and extends beyond any end to the user agreement. Content submitted by the creative to the platform can therefore remain accessible on the platform even after this license agreement terminates or the creative is no longer a user of the platform for other reasons.

3.9 jovoto also endeavors wherever possible to allow the creative every freedom to exploit his ideas vis-à-vis third parties. Within the scope of projects the creative may, where applicable, have the opportunity to subject his idea to open content licensing terms (such as Creative Commons licensing). Whether and to what extent this is to apply in an individualproject (including the relevant details) will be specified in the briefing. The creative must in all cases explicitly indicate the use of third-party materials, including those that are subject to open licensing.

3.10 The aforementioned provisions apply accordingly for performance provided by a creative that cannot be registered or protected (e.g. draft concepts). At the same time, the performance provided by a creative is also deemed to have been rendered even if it cannot be registered or protected (e.g. as patent, brand or copyright) unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

4. Granting Rights of Use to the Client


By submitting an idea to the project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 4 to the client. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4.2 ff. is subject to the condition precedent that the client decides to acquire the creative's idea.

4.1 By participating in a project, the creative grants to the client the non-exclusive right of use, without restriction on content, time or space, to present his ideas and works as such outside of advertising campaigns or in order to promote the project, alone or together with the ideas and works of other creatives participating in the project, in any medium. Moreover, the creative grants to the client the right to use the ideas and works for the purpose of internal and external market research and for preparing the acquisition of the exclusive rights of use to the ideas and works. This may require the distributing and making the ideas and works publicly accessible, limited to the aforementioned purposes.

4.2 By accepting this license agreement, the creative grants to jovoto, subject to the condition precedent of the client's decision to acquire the corresponding rights from jovoto, rights of use to the idea that the creative has submitted to a project, together with all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, and to elements protected by copyright, design and performance protection rights associated with the idea (hereinafter referred to collectively as "works"), for exploitation in all known and unknown manners of utilization, in particular to the extent detailed below. This includes in particular – also in cases where rights arise at a later date – the exclusive, transferable right, unrestricted by content, time and space, and capable of being sub-licensed in parts, to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, irrespective of whether for payment or not, to distribute them, exhibit, rent out, to publicly render, in particular present, perform, display, make publicly accessible, broadcast, relay via cable or other systems (cable rebroadcasting), reproduce through video or audio medium, to make public via screen, loudspeaker or any other technical device, programs already broadcast or recordings made on the basis of public transmissions or to reproduce in any other intangible form, to edit and rearrange as well as to publish and use any such edited or rearranged form.

4.3 The aforementioned rights of exploitation for commercial or promotional purposes include in particular:

4.3.1 The right to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any tangible and/or intangible, digital or analog, form, e.g. through reprography or transfer to analog media (e.g. packaging, promotional material, advertisements, placards, books, stickers, printouts, pictures, illustrated books, books, comics, leaflets, flyers, photographs, photocopies, photo-mechanical processes, posters, magazines, newspapers), through digitalization or any other form of digital storage and to temporarily and/or permanently store on any other known type of data, video and/or video/audio media such as diskette, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio, Super Audio CD, audio cassette, vinyl record, MMC, SD, MS, MS Pro, Flash Card, Smart Card, Secure Digital Card, memory stick, MiniDisc, DAT, hard disk, server, proxy server, USB stick and/or via transmission in the Internet or other data networks or through transmissions or in database systems; in particular this also includes the right to use the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea for company-internal and -external presentations, in company-internal media such as intranet, PowerPoint presentations and for the creation and distribution of advertisements in print media and in electronic, especially online, means of advertising;

4.3.2 The right to distribute or put into circulation the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea in any known way and on all physical analog and digital media independently or in combination with other works, especially in support of a product, and/or to offer these to third parties, in particular to rent and lend out irrespective of the distribution channel and the embodiment, in particular through distribution of the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea on the aforementioned digital or analog media via wholesalers, resellers or retailers, mail order and irrespective of whether by remote sale, electronic transaction, free transfer or free distribution;

4.3.3 The right to transfer the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any known technical manner and to make them known, and in particular accessible to the public. This includes, in particular, the fact that the idea and the associated works may be stored in digital form in a data processing system from which they may then be retrieved by third parties 'on demand' as a stream or download or any other form as digital signal via wired or wireless media and/or transmitted there with the consequence that the stored data are transferred to the receiving device of the third party where they may be decoded after storage, intermediate storage or immediately, i.e. converted into text, images and/or sounds and made visible or audible. The idea and the associated works may also be made available to the third party in such a manner that he/she may store the idea and the works contained therein and/or parts thereof in his/her receiving device and may access them there repeatedly. Interactive use by way of on demand is characterized by the ideas stored in digital form being made available to members of the public who are not present at the source of where they are made available, and being made available in such a way that members of the public have access to them and can request their transmission at independent times and places even if transmission of the works to third parties takes place at a later point in time than at the one requested. The online right of use exists independently of the form of transmission chosen by the client or its licensees for the use of the protected material and includes, for example, interactive or non-interactive online systems, electronic databases, the Internet, the World Wide Web, social networks and platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, XING, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook, Apps, IRC or news, file sharing or application service providing;

4.3.4 The right to send or forward the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, to third parties irrespective of whether in 'analog or digital' form whether via data networks in the form of subscription or download services (e.g. by streaming, video-on-demand, near-video-on-demand, podcasting, webcasting, simulcasting, IPTV, mobile TV, push services (such as RSS feed, XML interface, etc.) and pull services of all kinds) or via traditional modes of transmission such as public or private broadcast, rebroadcast and repeat broadcast via radio, television and similar systems of communication and reception, electromagnetic waves, electronic devices, wire, cable, satellite, antenna systems, digital means of communications and other technical equipment, whether via the client's own means of transmission or via public or private broadcast companies;

4.3.5 The right to publish the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, first in any desired form at the point in time of the client's choosing irrespective of whether on any type of tangible media or in intangible form (e.g. on the Internet), irrespective of whether independently or in combination with other content such as a collection or multimedia work or as part of an encyclopedia;

4.3.6 The right to commercially exploit the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, through the manufacture and sale of goods of all types (e.g. dolls, toys, stuffed animals, sports articles, household, bathroom and kitchen items, garments, printed matter including comics, sound storage media, headgear, buttons) and/or to exploit the media listed and described in this sub-section, the marketing of services of all types using the circumstances, names, titles, figures, illustrations or other relationships related to the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, including the right to exploit the idea fully or in part through the production and sale of games/computer games, including interactive computer games, and/or other multi-media productions and/or other forms of work and to promote goods and services of any kind using such elements or through edited or unedited excerpts from videos ("merchandising right");

4.3.7 The right to modify, edit, combine, arrange the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any manner, especially through correction and translation into any other language, through extension, conversion, augmentation, adaptation, complementing, through inclusion in databases or by the creation of collected works, through the substitution of images and figures, through changes to the characters of figures, or allowing such actions to be undertaken by third parties, and to publish, exploit, or have published and exploited, the edited or rearranged works in any of the ways described in the above provisions.

4.3.8 The rights granted exist irrespective of the technology used as the basis for the use of the right. In particular, the granting / transfer of rights of use are not bound to the form of data transmission (analog or digital), to the means of data transmission currently used or to the type of end-user receiving device. The client is especially entitled to allow this access via any type of equipment or device that is technically able to call up and/or represent the content provided. Access can be effected in particular with the aid of fixed devices (e.g. personal computer, set-top box for digital TV or Internet terminal) and mobile terminal devices, especially mobile telephones (via WAP, SMS, i-mode and any future standards), smartphones, electronic organizers, so-called personal digital assistants (based on operating systems such as Stinger, EPOC, Palm OS, Windows CE/Pocket PC), in particular via wired connections (telephone networks, TV cable networks, ISDN, DSL, Internet fixed line, etc.), via wireless connections (wireless local loop, satellite, radio [in particular DVB-H], mobile telephone networks [GSM, CDMA, HSCSD, GPRS, 3G, UMTS], wireless LAN) or in the process of synchronization with other electronic devices (e.g. via cable and network connection, Bluetooth or infra-red) and on the basis of various transmission standards and presentation formats (e.g. TCP/IP, SMS, MMS, EMS, PMS, smart messages, DVB, HTML, WML, cHTML, e-mail) in all online services, data and (tele-) communications networks, in particular the Internet.

The client is to be able to use the idea fully and exclusively on a permanent basis and to exploit it commercially, in particular for advertising purposes and across all media.

4.4 In addition to, and above and beyond, the above provisions, it is agreed that, if the creative has created a computer program, only the client will be entitled to exercise any proprietary rights to the computer program after the transfer of rights by jovoto.

4.5 Following the transfer of rights, the client is entitled at its own discretion and without the separate agreement of the creative, to transfer the rights listed in section 4 to third parties or to allow third parties to exercise such rights irrespective of whether in the original form or in an edited form. This applies independently of the content and scope of the license terms agreed with the relevant third party, i.e. irrespective of whether through the transfer of the exclusive right of use or through the assignment of individual or several fully inclusive or non-exclusive rights of use limited with regard to content and/or time and/or space.

4.6 The above provisions also apply in the event that the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, have been combined with third-party protected material. If a collective creative work with shared copyright ownership has resulted from the combination of the works with other protected material, the creative herewith agrees to the exploitation of the collective work to the extent specified by the above provisions.

4.7 The use of material covered by open access or open content licensing terms for the development and creation of the project idea is prohibited, irrespective of whether this is done by the creative or third parties. The creative warrants that he will not use such material.

4.8 The idea will also remain visible on the platform even after being sold to the client. It will however be marked as 'sold (e.g. as 'Client's Choice').

4.9 The creative waives his right to be named as author in the exploitation of the idea. jovoto will work towards persuading the client that the creative's authorship should be acknowledged as author and that he should be named as such in accompanying material in cases where it is not possible to achieve such mention on specimens of the work.

4.10 Where the creative has used material and/or works of third parties in the course of developing and submitting the idea (for example photographs from publicly accessible databases, fonts, sample texts or similar), he also grants to jovoto and to the client rights of use to this third-party material and to these third-party works in accordance with the provisions of section 4.10. The sole exception to this are those parts of the idea that have been identifiably used for illustrative purposes and are marked as such components used solely for illustrative purposes and are explicitly titled as "SAMPLE" or "SPECIMEN" in the idea. Third-party materials and third-party works that are not marked as such will be treated as if they were the creative’s own works.

4.11 The condition precedent for the granting of rights in accordance with section 4 will be deemed to have been met when the client has made the decision to acquire the rights to an idea of the creative as specified in section 4, the client has informed jovoto of this in writing and jovoto has accordingly informed the creative in writing. jovoto will grant the license rights to the idea to the client immediately after the condition precedent becomes effective and the creative has been informed.

4.12 jovoto will immediately inform the creative in writing in cases where the client desires a direct license of rights from the creative. The creative and the client can then reach an agreement on the scope of the rights granted – if necessary with jovoto as mediator. jovoto will provide a specimen agreement on request.

4.13 The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4 remains unaffected by the termination of the contractual relationship between the creative and jovoto and the underlying terms of use.

4.14 The aforementioned provisions apply accordingly for performance provided by a creative that cannot be registered or protected (e.g. draft concepts). At the same time, the performance provided by a creative is also deemed to have been rendered even if it cannot be registered or protected (e.g. as patent, brand or copyright) unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

5. Creative's Guarantee, Indemnity

5.1 The creative guarantees that he has developed all ideas, and works associated with the ideas together with the individual elements, himself, and that he is the owner of all rights that are necessary in order to grant the rights of use in accordance with sections 3 and 4 and to meet any other applicable conditions. The creative also guarantees that his ideas and associated works are free of any third-party rights.

5.2 The creative also guarantees that he will not submit or offer any content, in particular ideas or work samples, that encroach upon the rights of third parties or where content is ineligible in accordance with the above provisions. The creative must check whether his ideas and the associated works infringe the rights of third parties. Indications for such contractual infringements are given when, in particular,

5.2.1 Works subject to copyright, e.g. graphics, videos, photos or text (even when edited or alienated, unless the original can no longer be identified), are used that were not created by the creative himself;

5.2.2 The ideas contain performances subject to copyright or related rights such as live recordings of concerts, plays, circus performances, etc., or parts thereof, or include other performances protected by other related rights such as television programs (including opening and closing sequences);

5.2.3 Third parties have collaborated on the production of the content in such a way that they are able to acquire ancillary copyright, for example for recording, direction, editing, sound engineering, camerawork, etc. unless the persons in question have agreed to the exploitation of the idea created with their collaboration on the platform;

5.2.4 The content includes personal or other sensitive information about individuals or groups of people, unless the necessary consent and/or exploitation rights have been obtained by the creative;

5.2.5 Third parties are portrayed in photographs or videos in such a way that they play a major role in terms of their significance for the photo/video, unless the creative has obtained their explicit consent to the scene and to the exploitation of the results on the platform.

5.3 The creative also guarantees that he is not prevented by any contract of employment or other such agreement from contributing the relevant idea and participating with it in a project.

5.4 The creative will indemnify jovoto from any claims that third parties may assert against jovoto for infringement of their rights as a result of the ideas submitted by the creative. jovoto will inform the creative of any such assertion in writing immediately. The creative will make every effort to support jovoto in preparing a suitable defense. The creative will assume all costs incurred by jovoto in this connection, including reasonable costs for a legal defense. The creative is entitled to prove that the actual costs incurred by jovoto were lower than those claimed.

5.5 The same applies in the event of claims asserted by third parties when the creative infringes legal positions of third parties, in particular trademark rights or personal rights, or other legal provisions (such as prohibitions contained in the Act Against Unfair Practices – UWG) through the subject of the content, irrespective of the authorship thereof.

6. Further Provisions

Please note that there is a six month exclusivity period

6.1 Please note: in cases where you as an employee participate in the project (“teamstorm”), the employment contract or other legal relationship between you and the company takes precedence over the legal relationship transacted by jovoto. In addition, the terms and conditions of jovoto apply.

6.2 Please be aware: By filing your idea in the first stage of the project, you will be obliged to participate in the second stage of the project (invited project) if your idea will be chosen by the client. Of course, you will be entitled to an additional payment in this case.